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Small flush vs overagressive V

Romans120Romans120 Posts: 18Subscriber
edited April 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
First hand ever posted in a forum! V is white late 40s ish male, within the first hour at table he bluffed off $1300-1500 basically playing like a bad lag. Over the past couple hours he has calmed down a bit and won some back, most of it in a set over set spot. My read is that he will bluff way too frequently when opponent shows weakness. During that first hour he attempted two bluffs vs me, in one i raised large w/ limpers holding AK and check called T, R bets on A654Ar runout, on another he 3 bet pre and fired F, R on TT4dd 8d 5d runout, i check shipped R and he snap folded. On to the hand.
2-5 1300 eff
V raises to 20 utg, mp calls, H in SB 3 bets to 70 w/ 6:s: 5:s:, this is my first 3 bet vs V, and i think i can rep strength post on certain boards and should get credit from him given my tight image. Only V calls. I assume he is not folding very many of his opens vs my 3 bet as he loves to play in position.
(165)J:s: T:h: 7:s:
IMO this flop favors his range and i think this hand is a reasonable candidate to check call with and play as a bluff catcher when i get there vs this opponent, i also feel i can credibly rep any A, K or Q after playing as a check call on this texture. H checks, V bets 125 H calls.
(415) 4:s: H checks going with plan a, V bets 225, H calls after a short tank.
(865)4:c: H checks, V doesn't think too long and bets 495?
Should this R reduce the bluffing frequency of V, since he would now expect AA, KK to call more often? Also all his sets now beat me. Any input is welcome!


  • AceholeAcehole Posts: 99Subscriber
    edited April 2016
    First im never 3 betting this pre and probably folding, some could probably justify it with position but majority of the time from the SB your going to be playing a bloated pot... OOP...with a draw, which is exactly what you have on the flop.

    Not to mention the MP player...I know he folded but when you make the 3bet you dont know if hes folding or not. What if you 3bet V folds and MP calls now your left playing him heads up OOP and that wasnt your plan.

    As for calling...your hand is so underreped this is a tough spot that Im probably never in with this hand. He has also bluffed you twice and got caught...so is he even doing it again?
    Thanked by 1Romans120
  • Romans120Romans120 Posts: 18Subscriber
    Thanks for the reply! I understand your criticism of the play pre, imo this hand is only a fold or 3 bet here and i thinkvs this type of V it makes a good 3 bet bluff, as it gives me some hoard coverage on low runouts which he wont expect, and there are many boards i can fire multiple barrels at profitably given his likely assumptions of my range.
    Definitely being oop makes this a tougher spot to play, and it may ultimately cause this to be a fold pre.
    MP was a bit of a fit or fold type of player so i wasn't too concerned about too many tough spots post flop.
    Definitely the fact that i had already caught him bluffing twice was a major concern here, that is an important point i think.
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