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Turn sizing question. 2/5

shelvock22shelvock22 Posts: 5Subscriber, Professional
edited April 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 game - 4 handed.
My image is very loose. Been opening very wide, and very frequently. Was just stacked for 200bb so some players may believe im tilted. although it was 5-10 hands ago now.

Button is spewy. Calls very wide on all streets, including pre. Make alot of very awkward bet sizings and does a lot of raising, although haven't seen many showdowns.

Effective stack is $500

Hero has K8o utg (co) opens $20
Button calls
Blinds folds

Flop: Kh8d9d ($45)

Hero bets $25
Villain quickly makes it $50
Hero thinks for a small amount of time and goes $140 (interested on opinions on this sizing as well?)

Turn: 5h ($311 after rake)

Jamming is what i would regularly do here, however against this player felt against this player i could go for a very exploitable sizing?

This player is not the kind of player that is thinking to much about his immediate and implied odds, and is very willing to make a -ev call with a flush draw, but probably is not going to go all in. Also if he has a big king (KQ/KJ) he may be willing to get his stack in across two streets, however i doubt he would stick it all in on turn. Also not the kind of player I'm worried about maintaining a balanced range against.

So my thought was about making a $200 bet? my issue with this sizing is that i am going to be stacking off on all diamond turns. If i go $200 and he calls there would be $700 in the pot, and with only $140 behind i couldn't C/F a diamond (i don't think?) due to him having some weird heart combos or 910/710 that he decided to make this call with. So i would be forced to jam into a flush every time it hit.

However the benefits being that he is still making a bad call as even if you add my $140 as implied odds he is still calling $200 into $651, and with only 8 clean outs (7 on hearts) he is making a considerably bad call and losing lots of $ to me in the long run. Also slightly favorable to me even if we give him 11 clean outs for the times he has 67hh and such hands. Also i gain some percentage of extra value from his kings.

Wondering if this thought process is correct? am i missing something? is going $200 maybe just look to strong? Is this something i should do against all randoms who i won't play with again (as balance won't matter) regardless of perceived skill level? Also is my thought about what to do a diamond/heart run out correct?

All thoughts appreciated. thanks :)



  • scarygaryscarygary Posts: 88Subscriber
    I prefer 200 vs shoving. Shoving he's going to fold way too often, you miss so much value....and once he calls that you're never folding the last 140
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