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CLPLO Video No. 32: Gameflow And Image

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 799Administrator
Don continues analyzing at hands from the same session discussed in the previous video and talks about how the gameflow and image of each individual player influences decisions for each hand.


Episode posts at 2PM ET.


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,063Subscriber
    Pardon of this is basic - I'm not a great PLO player...

    First hand, from Pete's perspective:
    Austin opens UTG to $15.
    Pete in UTG2 3-bets T 8 7 6 to $45.
    Chicago Joey in MP 3-bets to $160.
    Austin folds.

    @Aesah indicates Pete can't do anything but call. Knowing Joey is going to be raising wider than AAxx, shouldn't this just be a fold? How can we play this hand profitably from OOP when we are often going to be against dominating draws?

    If Joey can be pinned on AAxx, then we don't have to worry as much about dominating draws, but that's not the case. Am I missing something?
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    Well you need to consider how you do vs. villain's entire range, and hands that I would classify as "dominating" vs T876 are not a significant enough part that would make me want to fold here.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,063Subscriber
    I don't know if I explained well enough my thoughts. Let me try again...

    A tight 4-better is almost always going to have AAxx/KKxx. A wider 4-better is going to typically add rundowns. Are we counting on being able to outflop on low boards? How can we play this from out of position? It seems like we're flipping against his big pairs, and behind his higher rundowns.

    I've started playing a bit more PLO, and am focusing my attention initially on preflop spots. Do you have any recommendation on tools to view how hands play like these against different four-betting ranges? I understand these type concepts in NLHE, but an very weak in PLO...
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