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The Grind Poker Podcast No.4: Balancing Your Life and Bursting the Poker Bubble

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 784Administrator
Rob Farha shares some details on his life away from the felt, touching on the importance of living a balanced lifestyle.

Episode post at 11AM PT.



  • GonzoPokerGonzoPoker Posts: 38Subscriber
    Very interesting and great episode I think it's easy for us poker players to get caught in the bubble the game itself is so fascinating that all of us I think at some point are in the bubble . Thanks Rob
  • ZambrotAZambrotA Posts: 372Subscriber
    Great job @RobFarha .
    Everything makes a lot of sense.
    Keep it up!!!
  • BradleyTBradleyT Posts: 621Subscriber, Professional
    Adding some ying (exercise) to pokers yang right now, thanks buddy.
  • ILYAILYA Posts: 129Subscriber
    I make sure my wedding band is on during tournaments for extra fold equity.
    Does that mean I'm in the "poker bubble"?