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5/10 3! Pot with AK bad flop are there any merits to protecting our range?

hobehobe Posts: 209Subscriber
Hero is playing pretty tight atm, up about 300 haven't had many spots. 1800 eff table has a bunch of pros at it but it's a must move so waiting it out.

Villian 1 seems to be a decent tag that I've seen playing bigger in the past. Not many reads though.

Main villian is a 30's Asian women. Seems to be on the nitty side seems to be winning but also no real reads.

Straddled pot by one of the weaker players at the table V1 opens to 65 in co and the main V calls Btn

Hero has a k in the bb and I 3! To 265

Question on sizing and also should I be flatting this hand in this spot ?

Anyways, V1 folds and main villian tank calls.

Flop is j85 rb ( roughly 610) I feel by checking my hand looks exactly like AK but feel this board hits her pretty hard should I be betting?
Check calling ? Check folding ? If I bet what size do we like and do we barrel hearts or maybe q? Sorry to ramble on Just was unsure of the spot.


  • maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    edited February 2016
    I find these spots pretty difficult and haven't figured out a good strategy yet.

    it might be best to checkfold without a backdoor and to cbet or checkcall with a backdoor. not sure about that. if you are deep enough and think your opponent can lay down toppair hands, I might even use that hand as a 3barrell.

    if balance is an issue we definitely have to check overpairs on all kind of boards. therefor we can check/fold hands like this and don't get exploited so easily.

    PS. I wouldn't 2nd barrell a Q. it's one of the worst cards even though it gives us 4 nut outs.
  • hobehobe Posts: 209Subscriber
    Yeah just thought maybe q could fold out like 77,99,1010 but also can have qq so not the greatest card. I wasnt very deep and did have backdoors. Sorry for not posting suits. I literally was betting just so i could have op... in her eyes. I thought maybe c/c would be okay but honestly was just very lost in this spot.. I wonder if maybe just flatting and keeping weaker player in and dominated hands in just hate being oop
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    edited February 2016
    I don't think that you need to worry about protecting your range here because the main Villain is probably a typical live player who is Level 1.5...meaning that she isn't really Level 2 yet and is somewhat/mostly thinking about how her cards match the board.

    You should think more about what her range is for flatting BTN versus the CO open raise and what her range is for double-flatting BTN versus your 3bet after she initially flatted the CO raise.

    Then you should consider how her preflop range connects with a J85r flop.
    Thanked by 2hobe SteamedFish
  • hobehobe Posts: 209Subscriber
    Thanks for the response Dave
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