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Really interesting hand

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
I have been at a 5/5 300-1000 game for a few hours. There is an older reg player in this hand that I know well. He can make some moves but when the money goes in he has it. He is villain in this hand. Hero is a guy I have been watching and is a rec player . Seems to raise bigger with better hands and from all accounts is your typical player.. I am not in this hand.. Hero and villain have very close to same stack (700 ish)

I was playing along while I was sitting there.. seeing if I could figure out what the two players had..

Villain raises in late pos to 25.. Hero calls from the bb..

flop comes 933.. ch ch

So this is weird.. Villain almost always takes a stab at a pot.. One and done type of cbet.. So the fact he didnt bet at all is very strange..

Turn Q spades.. now puts a backdoor spade draw on the board.. Now sb leads for 40 and villain calls. What do these guys have? what are their ranges?

River A hearts.. Hero bets 65 and almost before he can get the chips in villain raises 500 on top using white (100) chips.. Hero tanks but says the A made his hand and calls..

What do they have?

I must say that on the turn I was a little off of Heros hand but I pretty much pegged Villains and then on the river I had both hand exactly.. I think this was a really easy hand to play even though I didnt know Hero I knew villain very well and I was able to read Hero based on my read of villain..

Also beyond what you think they had? What would you do with possible hands Hero has?



  • EDUBEDUB Posts: 29Subscriber
    I'm putting villain on a nut hand, like 99 or 33. When hero says the A made his hand, it sounds like AK of spades, I guess AQ or sometimes A3 suited could be possible too. I wonder what the hero is putting the villain on when he gets almost insta-shipped on? It would be a pretty sick weird spot if hero slowplayed AA. Based on your read of hero as a rec player, AA does not sound very likely. If hero has A3, it's a puke spot but if read of villain is correct, I probably find a fold here. Particularly when villain checks flop and if we would expect him to raise a 3 on the turn. His line looks like a slowplayed monster.
  • JCWJCW Posts: 591Subscriber
  • ya villains hand is nutted. how much? not sure. 99, QQ, AA. bb has AQ prolly and should def fold river
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