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The Crush Live PLO Podcast No.14: Observations on leveling and tilt

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 775Administrator
Don looks at 3 hands against the same tilted villain and talks about various motivations and tendencies of tilted poker players that can be exploited.

Episode posts at 11 am PT.



  • Golfer2013Golfer2013 Posts: 51Subscriber
    Hey Don,

    Great podcast. I play PLH/PLO with a guy that owns a car lot. He is middle-eastern and loves to play a lot of hands. Last time at the underground club he sweated my cards with me folding QQJ10 on a J82 flop. Someone bet pot and I just folded based on a passive getting agressive read. He's like "Man I just like to play cards. I call that all day" etc. Next hand I had A2410 with clubs and he was joking, "You folded that?" I said, "This is not hi-lo."

    He will not try to play particuraly well, he just likes to get in interesting spots and almost pay off bets to interact with people in pots. I have no clue what makes people play gutshots for pot bets or bad hands they know they should fold but it is indeed a strange compulsion. The compulsion may be, "What if I hit? I will lose that big potential pot and they would have never seen it coming." Or they are just terrible at conditional probabilities.

    The well-off whale is definitely an interesting creature that we all need to study and profile correctly if we want to profit the most. I am even starting to think that I will try to pyshically bet like them (new concept I want to try on all player types).
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    edited January 2016
    Thanks! On the topic of getting into your opponents' heads... I don't know much about how much a car lot owner makes, but I do know if I'm playing for pennies I'm definitely chasing gutshots for kicks, because why not? Folding isn't fun for many people. Perhaps the stakes you're playing is equivalent to pennies for him.
  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    Enjoyed this one Don, nice job
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