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2/5nl KK 200BB deep

TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
EP(1000) limps, Hero(1000) in MP opens to 30 with KhKd, old nit in LP(300) calls. Three way to flop
Th7h6c (97) EP checks, Hero bets 75, LP folds, EP snap throws 2 $100 chips in. Hero calls.
4h (497) EP pauses for a moment and throws $500 chip in, leaving about 300 behind. Hero folds.

EP seemed tightish. I never seen him before. He seemed to pay attention to pot sizes. He seemed to be proud of knowing about importance of position in poker. Didn't run big bluffs. Took small stabs at limped pots and never barelled when called. But sample size very small. He kept changing small chips to bigger ones so he was betting by throwing big chips in the pot.
Normally he was playing with his chips but when he raised me OTF he stoped playing and put both arms under the table - I read this as being weak and trying to freeze and hide. When turn card hit he moved forward a bit and started playing with chips again.
When I called flop I was going to ship over his turn bet on non completing draws cards. What do you think about it? What's our plan for different turn cards? Should I have bet/folded flop? Do we ever do something else but fold on this turn?


  • eselspieleselspiel Posts: 115Subscriber
    Because you don't credit him with running big bluffs, when he doesn't take his foot off the gas when the third flush card comes, I think you have to fold.

    As far as tells,your reads seem reasonable, but could he have also flopped a big hand and move his hands under the table to keep from shaking a bit?
  • I think you played it fine. I commonly will call smallish check raises with overpairs on the flop to fold to a bombs away turn bet. Yes it is exploitable but no one exploits it with big bluffs.

  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    Not a fan of shipping over turn bets when non straight/flush cards come unless you have an incredibly strong read he near always plays draws very fast.

    You also get all worse hands the best chance of getting away from it w/o putting in more money.
  • grindblergrindbler Posts: 131Member
    good description of opponent.
    super player dependent hand.
    he's just about never showing up w/ something stupid like JT, like other clowns we can happily get it in against.
  • Looks good.
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