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CLT Video No. 25: Widely Regarded As A Bad Move Part 2

Corwin continues discussing bad moves in the second installment, covering the mistakes of getting married to hands and half-assing plays.


Episode posts at 2PM ET.


  • baudib1baudib1 Posts: 218Subscriber
    Dude, feel better.

    The idea of "carrying through with a read" is a really important concept and I think it's a good way of expressing something that I've been struggling with. Thanks a lot.
  • bbeaulacbbeaulac Posts: 6Subscriber
    Although i get the idea behind "carrying through with a read", I'm having trouble understanding on that last example how we (the hero) are representing a flush draw by raising the flop and donking the turn? I'm not quite convinced that when the villan plays the hand back in his head and sees the 2 of hearts on the river, if he actually gets scared...for sure he folds the AK but assume he has AA-KK-QQ (wich to me the hand as played would be the same), does he put you on a flush and folds? How much difference between AK and JJ or TT would be in your "initial read"... Ofcourse your example is trying to rep a flush on the river so I get the idea but a btn raise when only blinds left to act is hardly always an AK...
    very sorry if i'm nitpicking...I really like the vid! (i suppose i'm of the group who loses alot of chips sticking with my preflop read and wondering on the river why i got called down with AK)
    cheers Corwin!
  • Christin30Christin30 Posts: 13Member
    Good stuff!!
    Quite satisfied to read this....thanks buddy!!

  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 408Subscriber
    Are there going to be any more tournament videos on CLP?
    Thanked by 1SnOwHIO
  • SnOwHIOSnOwHIO Posts: 114Subscriber
    What irwinbet said ^^^^^^
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    SnOwHIO wrote: »
    What irwinbet said ^^^^^^

    There is one coming out today at 4:00 PM by a well known author. I will keep you in suspense..
    Thanked by 1SnOwHIO
  • jcp182000jcp182000 Posts: 3Subscriber
    Corwin's material makes so much sense to me!
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