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Crush Live Call-ins No. 69: "Blind Reaction"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,181Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart takes a number of callers having to do with the reaction of an opponent in the blind or their own blind play.



  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Call 1 Chris sigman
    Referring to a hand Bart discussed last podcast when villain limp called with AJ vs Bart's 88, asking if Bart feels that limp calling with AJ was an OK play or not. Bart likes to open with a raise with AT+ because people like to call with Axs hands and those who want to call with Axo hands will still call. However, it's ok to limp=call with those hands if you're OK with adjusting your play

    In another hand where Bart called in the blind with AJ vs a good oppoenent how opened in the MP, Bart thinks he should have folded against that particular opponent

    Bart clarifies that when defending OOP, it's not just about "hot and cold equities" vs an opponenet's opening range but also the positional disadvantage.

    Call 2 Dan Singer
    2/5 $650 effective
    LAG limps MP, hero in CO raises to $25 w K J. SB calls (solid,tight), lag calls

    flop $75 Q 9 7
    all check, BARTs ok with checking back
    turn $75 T :s: ch to hero, bet $60, sb calls, lag folds
    River $195 T sb check, hero bet $85, sb shoves $480
    BART feels that the spaz factor or bluff factor increases since hero checked flop. also, vil could be over valuing a Ten or 86. Also, BART doesn't think vil is checking turn with 2 pair. Bart would call
    As played, hero folded. vil showed KJs

    Call 3 Darren
    $2-$5 NL-Hero had about $700 and had just lost a descent size pot against a short stack of $250 on a flop of J♦ 6♣ 2♠. I bet flop with K♣ K♥ after I had 3 Bet pre and got check raised against 6♠ 6♥ so maybe I was a little gun-shy when this hand in question came up. I had a winning solid image before this hand. On to the hand in question.
    A new player, Villain, had just sat down in UTG-2 and had bought in for $400, and the player who had just got up won 2 huge hands in a row and got up and left with around $1500. The players said to the Villain, "That's the HOT seat". He was a white male in his 30's and looked like a normal guy. The 1st hand, Villain raises to $20 in UTG-2 and the BTN who was in his young 20's and very splashy and aggressive called on the Btn, Sm Blind Folded and Hero was in BB with Q♦ Q♣. I checked my options. Two thoughts of thinking were that I had an early UTG player raising, and also a complete unknown. POT $60.

    FLOP-9♦ 7♦ 3♦ -

    I see the Villain grabbing for chips so I check and he bets $45 very confidently and the BTN folds. I call. POT is $150. Turn brings the Q♥, so we have 9♦ 7♦ 3♦ Q♥ I see the Villain again grabbing for chips so I check and he bets $55. I immediately thought this was weak and put him on 10s-JJ, and maybe A-K combos. I did not see him look at his cards when the flop came out to see if one of his cards was a Diamond which I know a lot of players do, so I was very confident in my read, and the chances of him betting the NUTZ on the Flop was very unlikely.

    So based on my read and NOT wanting him to fold to a check raise and trying to extract more money on the river, I just called. POT is now $260. The Villain has $280 left. The river is the Q♠ So now, obviously, I have Quads. I see the player once again grabbing for chips. Again this is a complete unknown to me. How's my play so far? Thoughts, etc? What do you do on river in this situation?

    BART feels that OOP, it's really a mistake to count on opponenets to bet, espicially after the weak turn bet of $55. BART would 3 bet pre espically as there are 2 players. As played, he would do a min CR on flop and lead turn and river.

    hi/lo tournament is more about survival where saving bets is so important.

    Call 4 Josh
    2/4 $400 effective winning image
    Hero UTG + 2 opens A 8, BB calls
    Flop $40 Q J :s: 7
    BB ch, hero $35, BB call
    Turn $ 110 3, BB ch, hero $65, BB call
    River $ 240 3 BB bets $75, (vil has $215 left). BART would go all in. He feels that sets fast play this a lot more than slow play. There are a few Q3s and J3s combos. Might value own but more often than not hero is good.
    As played, hero min raised to $165 and showed QJ

    Call 5 Norman
    2/5 $800 effective
    vil very tight player
    one limper, hero raise K :s: J $25 in CO
    vil call in BB, limper folds
    Flop $50 K 9 3
    BB ch, hero bet $50, BB calls
    Turn $150 5
    Caller wants to know if he can get value from worse at this point?
    BART would be flop smaller like $30-35. BART would check back the turn and would fold if let into. If hero had A :s: K :s:, bart would bet fold turn. BART also doesn't think vil would turn a pair into a bluff on the river.

    As played, turn was checked thru and vil bet 4 river for $125 and hero folded. BART thinks folding is best vs a "tight" player. Vil showed Q :s: T :s: for a busted gutshot with diamond draw. Since hero bet pot on flop, BART feels that hero folds all the worse hands. BART feels hero needs to change his characterization of the player. The river bet is polarizing so since opponents are not capable of betting a King for that sizing, BART feels opponent either has a flush or nothing so BART would call with A hi a lot against opponents who might be bluffing

    Call 6 Jon from chicago
    2/5 $750 effective
    vil HJ laggy bets $25, btn calls, hero SB T :s: T 3 bet to $100, BB folds, vil calls, btn calls.
    Flop $300 A T 8
    Hero bet $180, HJ instantly calls, btn folds,
    Turn $660 9 hero ch, BART would never check. the turn is good in that hero will get more action but bad because it give's a lot of hands more equity. Since hero was never going to bet-fold, it doesn't make sense to check turn. BART would bet closer to pot like $400 and commit to any river card. If hero bet and vil bet $250, BART would advocate getting it all in. BART points out it doesn't make sense to be "afraid" of betting turn but be OK with CR a turn bet.
    As played, both players checked turn

    River $660 8
    hero bet $370, vil all in, hero call
    vil had A T

    BART points out the inconsistency of hero trying to "look weak" by making a large river bet with only $100 behind. BART would rather bet $50 to induce a spazz raise.

    BART poses the question what if hero had AK no clubs and played pre and flop the same. What would hero do on turn given the same board and action?

    Call 7
    2/5 home game. SB loose player $580, MP tighter player 1000, hero $800
    5 limpers hero on btn with Q Q raises to $40, SB and MP call
    Flop $130 8 5 2
    ch to hero bet $80, both call
    Turn $370 J :s:
    SB bets $150, Mp calls, hero calls
    BART doesn't think Mp is slowplaying so no reason to just call. SB just has $330 left. Just calling gives the SB a free shot to river if he has a draw. BART would shove
    As played, hero just called

    River $820 2 :s:
    SB bets $150, Mp calls, BART likes clicking back to $325,

    as played, hero riases to $400, sb called, mp called with 55.

    BART doesn't like how MP played his hand. SB didnt show hand.
  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 424Subscriber
    edited January 2016
    So you'd bet tptk on the turn to rep a set of tens or aces to get a set of 8s to fold but won't bet a set of tens because you're afraid of qhjh. And you want him to check back because you're afraid of a set of aces or qj but if he bets you're going to check raise all in because eh f it. Sorry dude but with your sense of logic... Is poker for you?..not trying to be mean but it was painful trying to follow your lack of logic. You contradicted yourself a ton.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,181Administrator, LeadPro
    So you'd bet tptk on the turn to rep a set of tens or aces to get a set of 8s to fold but won't bet a set of tens because you're afraid of qhjh. And you want him to check back because you're afraid of a set of aces or qj but if he bets you're going to check raise all in because eh f it. Sorry dude but with your sense of logic... Is poker for you?..not trying to be mean but it was painful trying to follow your lack of logic. You contradicted yourself a ton.

    Its just all apart of the learning process Wild. I'm glad that he took the time to call-in so that we could talk it through. Hand reading is a skill that can be learned with practice.

  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 331Subscriber
    Dude is trying, and he's going to learn a heck of a lot faster this way than by just leaving $$$ at the table session after session.

    Call it Monsters Under The Bed or whatever you will, but it's a problem I think a lot of low-stakes players have until they finally shake the habit. So many times players immediately think about the worst case scenario, and then they try to avoid that scenario at all costs. Look, bad beats happen. What you need to realize is how hard it is to make a hand in hold'em. You can't be scared of of the nuts every single time you make a 2nd best type of hand. Players like Jon often change their opponent's possible holdings street by street based on how the board plays out. I see this every time at the table. They end up winning the pot, and never think about the massive amounts of money they are leaving on the felt b/c they aren't playing turns or rivers correctly.

    Also in terms of one issue Jon brought up, maybe it would be a good CL Call-ins "theme show" to have folks call in and discuss how they deal with low-limit laggy players. Instead of questions, have a roundtable caller/Bart discussion.

    So many times a splashy whale or talkative LAG throws off players at the lower limits. Jon's river bet is the perfect example. He was so confused with his villain that he made the opposite size bet than he should (and variance just happened to be that he got max value). These players are not hard to combat. A few HH's and some productive chatter would probably go a long way for many subscribers.
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