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Did I get Max Value?

Collecting_TaxCollecting_Tax Posts: 177Subscriber

$1500 effective

Villian- seems to be a competent TAG. Young, white, mid 20's. plays 5/10 which is usually the biggest game in the room. Has over $3,000 in front of him.

Hero- has good winning image.

History- Villain 3bet me with AJoff when i opened KK. I flatted. 10 high rainbow flop, i check call. Ace on the turn. I check call. Q on the river. I check, he quickly checks back.

Hero opens in mp with 99 to $20
Villain calls in mp2
SB calls

($60) J 9 3 with two spades

SB checks
Hero bets $50
Villain Calls
SB folds

($160) J

Hero bets $90
Villain raises to $260
Hero 3bets to $460
Villain calls

($1080) 5 off suit

Hero thinks for a while and bets $560
Villain tanks forever and calls with KJ

I really struggled with whether or not i should check the river but after i bet/3bet the turn i just thought it was possible he would check back hands as strong as QJ and even KJ. Looking for thoughts on all streets. How was my sizing? anyone take a different line?


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    When villain just calls me then I know he cant have AJ+ since he three bet you last time.. I like your bet on the flop but when he raises you on the turn I think he has a J alot of times.. Since he can't have AJ , KJ and QJ are much more likely . So given most players even good players can't fold trip I would have raised more on the turn. Your raise is way too small IMHO, with effective stacks I think you need to raise to at least $600.. That is STILL a small raise.. Pot on turn after the three bet is:

    $160+90+260=$510 so your raise of 200 is way too small given what he is likely to have. When you raise to say $600 your raise is 600-260=$340 is still less than 1/2 a pot size raise.. since the pot is now $510+260=$770 see how big these pots get?

    with a raise to $600 that leaves you $1500-20-60-600=$820 nice shove amount on river...

  • I typed out a reply that seems to have disappeared. In summary -

    The J on the turn only improves your chances of getting paid off as that likely gives him trips, which most llsnl players take to the grave. I would bet the turn about 120ish and 3b it enough so that you can easily shove the river.
  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    I would bet $105 on the turn.
    As played I would raise a little more on the turn and definitely shove river or leave a little behind ($100).
    AJ/KJ is in his range and if we don't get close to stacks in that is pretty criminal.
    Checking the river is out of the question.
  • Yeah, you have to go for gold here. The villain has a value hand here or he's bluffing and even if he is a "winning pro" its rare that you are going to find guys capable of raise folding a J on the turn. I'd bet $100 and 3 bet to $650 in order to spike pot size and allow for a larger bet in proportion to the pot on the river.

    I think going for a check raise on the river is not usually going to be the right play. He could either not bet or bet fold the river for a smaller amount.

  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    as others have said: raise bigger ott! you are trying to inflate the pot here, and he told you that he has a jack by raising!
    with deep effective stacks remaining behind, i would bet the turn larger as well , $130ish (in the hopes he has a jack), so if/when he raises, more $ is going in.

    as played, 3bet flop to $620. bet river $850.
  • I'd bet at least $100 on the turn and 3bet to at least $600. Shove river.
  • Collecting_TaxCollecting_Tax Posts: 177Subscriber
    Ok thanks guys. I went back and forth in my mind on the turn with whether or not to 3bet larger or smaller. I went on the smaller side thinking it may induce him to 4bet but in retrospect that is just wishful thinking.
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