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Crush Live Call-ins No. 69: "River Decisions"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart takes some calls with a concentration on some tough river decision.



  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Call 1 Twitch
    Is there value for playing for points at poker stars for practice?
    Playing for play chips has a little value learning the game but BART would rather play 1cent/2cent instead of free play or freeroll tournaments. Playing Limit games online for practice with live play can work since online limit more closely mimics live play as compared to NL with online vs live. As long as there is some value, either low stakes or points that count towards something, then there's some value

    Call 2 Jim the Aussie
    Tournament question
    6max $1100 buy in, 150 players
    mid way in trounament, avg $25k
    hero BB A5o, 30k, blinds 400/800/100
    mp limps, sb calls, hero BB raises to $2800
    mp folds, sb calls (70k)
    flop KQ7r, SB check, BB 3600, SB 8600, BB all in 23k, SB folds
    BART would give him credit for a king and fold but tournament players are often not thinking on the level of a cast player. Or BART suggests just calling and then assume SB will check bluffs and bet made hands.

    Call 3 Wendy
    Wendy working on characterizing players and using her image better. Should she be more aggressive since players are making folding errors. Should she assume they are weak until given other evidence. BART would rather pick up on stuff based on showdowns than make broad assumptions. Value of paying attening.

    Call 4 Matt question from forum posting
    Villain: unknown in HJ. probably about mid-30s in age.
    Stacks: $300
    Villain opens to $15 over 1 limper. I call in the SB w/ 6♠ 6♦ . BB also calls w/ $75 stack. Limper folds.
    Pot: $40
    Flop: T♣ 4♥ 3♣ gets checked around.
    Turn: 6♣ . I bet $40. Villain calls.
    At this point I think his range is likely overcards w/ a club or a pocket pair like 77,88 or 99. Maybe an overpair he checked back to be tricky.
    I didn't think about it during the hand but he could also have 55 or 87, which would be open enders.
    Pot: $120
    River: T♠ . Hero?
    At this point my hand looks a lot like a flush or a T. I wasn't sure if it was better to bet small & hope to get looked up by a mid pair or check to induce a bluff from a big club. After now realizing he could also have some open ended draws I think maybe a check would be better. What's your play?

    BART says that since V is the PFR, it is unlikely he checked back flop with a value hand. It's likely he has 2 overs with a club. BART does not think this is a place to check the river though since this is not a spot V's will bet as a bluff. BART suggests betting small like $35 for a hero call. As played, hero bet $50 and V folded.

    Call 4 Peter
    8 Handed

    Hero opens to 20 UTG+1 66. V calls from HJ. rest fold. Assume V's pre flop range to be pretty wide here.

    Flop 40 - 934ss. (9 is a spade) Hero cbets 30 and V calls. (I usually have the best hand and can get value here from draws and worse pairs)

    Turn 100 - Qh. Hero checks and V bets 60. Hero calls. (V can have some floats and draws here still, also expect him to x/b 9x some percent of the time so besides the random Q think we are good a lot.)
    BART feels that while callnig is an OK play, hero is a bit "dark" on the river.

    River 260 - 9c. Hero checks and V bets 120. Hero?
    BART feels this is one of the worse rivers as villain will now bet his 9s that he would otherwise check back. BART is not sure if he'd call or fold. Caller thinks V would have checked back a 9 on the turn. BART thinks even check-folding may be right depending on the player.

    Call 5 Zambrota
    $5/$5 cash game late in the night, table dynamic is a little bit crazy/loose because of this couple of Asian guys which are just having fun playing wild.
    Anyway the Villain in this hand is not one of them.

    Hero.BT ($1.2K): Tight winning image, no history with Villain.

    Villain. UTG2 ($1.5K) : Middle East in his middle 30s, he came to this table 2 hrs before, he went from $300 to around $1.5K with few big hands he had like a set over set agains a tight player and rivered the nuts couple times. I could see that he was very passive, not a good player for sure, playing a good amount of hands PF, limping a lot and calling raises a little bit light PF.
    I saw him limp/calling a $40 raise with QJo EP , just as an example...

    PF: 4 players limp including Villain, I make it $40 on the BT with Q♣️Q♠️, only V calls.

    Flop (~$100) T♦️ 7♠️ 5♦️ HU
    V check/calls my $60 bet

    Turn (~$220) 3♣️ HU
    V check/calls my $150 bet

    River (~$520) 9♥️ HU

    Final board T♦️ 7♠️ 5♦️ 3♣️ 9♥️

    V checks, I bet $200, V now check/raises to $500.

    Pot now is $1220, $300 for Hero to call.

    BART feels that V-betting river larger will get more value from the top pair hands (eg At, KT, etc) while also reducing the chance of villain bluffing river from a small river bet. BART thinks as played, it's close if it's a call or fold due to pot odds.

    call 6 Norman
    hero $500 effective MP K :s: K
    folds to hero, raise to 25, btn and SB call
    Flop $75, T73dd, SB ch, hero bet $50, both call
    Turn $225 8d (flush gets there), should he bet or check?
    BART feels it's a sticky turn but could get value from AT. However, against 2 villains, BART would check to see what button did. If it gets checked thru then SB bets river, BART would bet river (if no diamond). BART feels equity procection is a minor concern since the 4 flush is easy to get away from and villains only have 5 outs to a 2 pair on the river.

    Call 7 John
    Hero has K Q, 600 effective with btn
    Hero opens $20 in MP, Btn and SB call
    Flop $60 K J :s: 9 :s:
    Turn sb check, hero $55, btn raise to $160, sb folds,
    BART feels this raise size is a "protection" raise.
    BART feels there's a case for calling and seeing if villain checks back turn. However, folding is OK as well. As played, hero folded. Based on later play, hero feels he made the right fold.

    Call 8 Wendy
    $5/5 $1300 effective
    villain is reg, laggy, better than most, biggest leak never folds if 3 bet, likes to make small donk bets with draws but also does with strong hands
    Hero is button A K
    big spot limps, vil in cutoff raises $25, hero 3 bet $85, folds to vil calls

    Flop $175 J53r, both check
    Turn 3, villain bet $100, hero call
    BART likes to check the flop since most villains will check back river
    River $375 T, vil bets $225,
    Hero thinks he might be bluffing this spot but could be betting light as well.

    BART thinks the most relevant question is if he is checking two streets with a bluff and is he capable of betting a hand like QT at the end. Against normal competition who won't V bet lightly, then he's much more polarized. but it's much tougher if he v bets lightly.

    As played, Hero called and Vil had QQ
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