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Turned flush against heat on a paired board.

whofoxwhofox Posts: 25Subscriber
I'm playing 1/2 with about $350 in the SB, villain has me covered. Four or five players limp and I complete with K5cc. BB raises to $10 and everybody calls so it's about $70 to the flop which is AAJ with two clubs. I check, BB bets out twenty and I call. BB is an old guy with a bit of gamble in him and definitely a calling station. I feel like he won't fold to a raise here so I just call, everyone else folds and It's about $110. The turn is the 7c and I lead out for $50, he shoves so I have about $260 to call to win just shy of $500. I feel like I pick up a bit of a read that he's confident but who knows. Thoughts?


  • GlennJonesGlennJones Posts: 176Subscriber
    You're not going to like this - but I fold preflop. As you found, this hand gets very difficult to play post flop. In this case, on the turn we have exactly what we wanted when we called preflop, and we're still faced with a tough decision. What was your turn plan?

    As played, I would have to ask myself if villain is the type who is going to lead with the nuts. So many players at this level are checking back the flop with the nuts. So, when villain leads the flop for $20 with players behind left to act, I would discount the nuts and start putting villain on all kinds of Ax and Axs (AK, AQ, AJ, AT) hands. We are getting direct odds to call the flop ($20 to win $90), so I call the flop with the plan to bet close to pot on any club turn.

    On the other hand, if villain *is* the type to lead flop with the nuts, I don't think I can even call the flop....
  • TJTJ Posts: 239Subscriber
    Definitely villain dependent. Without knowing the villain, he could have anything from a boat to trips with a club draw (like AxQc).

    I don't think 77 is in his range here, since he raised OOP preflop and led an AAJ flop, so the only boats are AJ/A7 (most likely suited, though A7 is less likely out of the BB) and JJ. Giving him AxQc, and maybe, maybe, AxTc, you're ahead.

    Against that range, you're almost a 2-1 dog. So it's right around EV neutral. You could maybe even add QxQc if he's a little aggressive. Given the propensity of low limit players to overplay their hands, I'd say call.
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