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2/5 Flop NFD 5-Handed

HavaxHavax Posts: 65Subscriber
edited December 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 Maryland Live

Hero ($600): Late 20s, white, glasses. Bad, losing image. Running bad but playing TAG.

V1 ($650): Bad young LAG asian kid. Has been stealing, 3betting, bluffing.

V2 ($500): Decent TAG reg. Can hand read a little and is probably a small winner in the game. Late 20s white guy.

Hand: One EP limp, Hero raises $25 with AdTd MP1, V1 calls directly to my left, another call from CO, V1 calls on BTN, and EP limper calls.

Flop ($125): 8d9d5s

Checks to me. I opted to check. My image was terrible, this board is wet and I'm not sure what betting accomplishes 5-ways. Thoughts here?

V1 bombs $105. Folds to V2 who raises to $225. Folds to us... Hero?


  • tensor0910tensor0910 Posts: 123Subscriber
    I'm guessing V2 is OTB.

    do you have much HH with either V? This looks like V2 is looking to re-steal from the LAG, but would V2 put up half his stack on a bluff? Would this guy risk that much money? If the bet was smaller from the LAG I could see maybe a 3! from you to blow off him off of his mid overpairs, but I think I would fold here. V put half his stack in already, and your image is trash. I think you have little fold equity......unless you want to gamble it up.
  • HavaxHavax Posts: 65Subscriber
    V2 is BTN. He isn't bluffing here from what I know about him. He's got 2p+
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