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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 163: Tricky Play?

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,152Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart breaks down some hands where he felt he played a bit tricky. He compares and contrasts tricky play with more straightforward play.

Episode posts at 2PM ET.



  • CajunDragonCajunDragon Posts: 173Member
    I love technology but I'm going to sound like an old person for the interim.

    Bart spoke about electronics being a major distraction at the table again in this podcast. I remember during the WSOP a few years ago Bart thought I was nutty to not have my phone at the table but it seems like he's come around on this matter :) I 100% concur, even at the lower limits I tend to grind there is soooo much information available if you'd just open your eyes and take it all in. I've experimented with leaving my phone in the car during play and going to check it on breaks. I have a major problem with ADHD and focus so for me I think it's a must. I found myself wanting to jot down hands so now I keep it with me and just place it in airplane mode until I decide to take a walk around the casino.

    I love electronics, I've usually always held an I.T. job and I like buying the latest gadgets. That being said, It's a little sad how we all stick our faces in our phone during social events instead of being in the moment and enjoying whats before us IMO. I was on the strip for NYE fireworks last night and everyone was watching them through their little LCD and snapping pictures. Just put the phone in your pocket and enjoy the color, sounds and overall atmosphere. Phone's do not film fireworks, concerts and dark raves well at all! And I don't want to see cell phone photos of fireworks on my FB time line! Lol
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