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Crush Live Call-ins No. 64: "Bart Guesses the Action "

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart uses his experience to guess the action of several spots involving callers.



  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Hand 1 Danny from Queens
    foxwoods $1/2, $300 cap, vil $300 effective
    Hero loose image. T7ss, cutoff
    2 limps, hero raise to $12, limpers call
    BART feels that he would rather overlimp rather than try to barrel with short stacks

    Flop $36 Q 9 :s: 7 r
    all check

    Turn $36 7
    EP ch, MP $25, H raises to $100, EP fold, MP all in $160 more
    BART dismisses 99 or QQ since he doesn't think QQ would just call pre and 99 wouldn't jam a full house. Perhaps he has A7 or 97 but he can't fold.
    Call ended before he could reveal his hand results.

    Hand 2 Conlan
    $10/25/50 6 handed,
    LAG HJ $2500 effective opens $150
    hero $14k call cutoff K Q , btn calls, good LAG $9.5k calls BB, straddle folds.

    Flop $650 T :s: 8 :s: 3
    pfr ch, hero cutoff bet $400, btn folds, BB calls.

    Turn $1450 J
    BART feels if he bets turn, he needs to run a triple barrell
    BB ch, hero bet $950, BB CR to $3k, hero calls

    River $7450 A
    vil all in, hero calls, Vil had T 9

    Hand 3 John
    6 month down swing
    $1/2 $300 cap
    UTG (tightish) had $160. opens to $8 (smallish open size), hero BB 7 :s: 7 call

    Flop $16 7 3 :s: 2 :s:
    hero ch, vil bets $20. BART doesn't mind the check byhero. Hero calls. BART would rather raise since there are cards that can hurt the action.

    Turn $56 K
    ch, vil all in, BART says can't be scared of monsters under the closet. The ones that hide in the floorboards i guess.
    Hero called and lost to KK. Just a cooler since there are a lot of hands he has beat.
    BART says there are cases where a villain could have a limited range but not this time.

    caller wants to know how to get out of a downswing. No magic formula. BART feels that 500 hrs of bad swing is in the range of variance.

    Call 4 Nathan QJ

    $3/5 $500 cap
    EP limps (fish/rec), good players raises to $20, 2 more callers, hero calls btn Q :s: J :s:

    Flop $100 T94r
    rec donks $30. Caller puts him on weak range. good player/PFR raises to $75, MP older asian/tight calls, hero calls, rec calls. BART likes the call. If the MP didn't call between the good player and hero, then hero could squeeze the good player to get the rec and good player out.

    Turn $400 Jo, ch to MP, bet $300, all fold
    MP had TT

    Call 5 Adam
    2/5 $1000 effective
    MP opens $25, hero BB AKo, raises to $75, MP calls. BART feels raises AK in this spot isn't always necessary. Don't need to auto reraise

    Flop $150 AA8r
    BART says you have to bet ($75-90). Vil will check back everything that is not an Ace. It's more deceptive to play as a bet.
    ch, check.

    turn $150 Q
    Hero bet $85, villain raises to $200. BART feels people are not making a move when hero bets turn. Probably best to call and check river.

    river $550, 2
    hero ch, vil bet $500, BART says this is an easy fold. Vil was saying something but BART feels it's hard to interpret verbal tells. The betting patterns are more important.

    Hero called and vil had QQ

    Call 6 Mike from Maryland
    internet vs live barrelling when the top card pairs. Those who are more sound fundamentally unterstand when top card pairs, the villain is less likely to have it.

    Where or not to barrel when the top card pairs is dependent on the situation.
    Example: Limped pot hero over limps J T .
    Flop Q 5 3.
    checked to hero and he bets. Blind calls with med strength hand like 77 thinking hero has either a Q or a flush draw.

    Turn Q
    opponents don't recognize that when the Q pairs, it's now more likely that he has a FD rather than a Q.

    BART makes the argument that even if hero is PFR,he can often barrell when the top card pairs as above. BART feels that opponents a lot of times will fold since it's a "strong play" in a live players mind.

    However, if hero is not the PFR, then betting a paired top card can be bad in some spots.
    Ex. hero has 7 8 in the BB. MP raises pre. flop 4 5 Q. Hero CR flop.
    Turn Q :s:. Hero doesn't have many queens in his preflop CR range.

    2/5 $600 cap, $300 effective.
    UTG limps, hero $25 A J , 2 callers.

    Flop $100, K Q :s: 5
    ch, hero $60, SB calls.

    Turn $220, 3o vill has pot sized bet left
    BART feels this spot is close to bet or check but prefers the check. If deeper, he could over bet the turn to fold out a queen.
    As played, hero checked

    River $220 2
    vil bet $55, hero all in, vil folded
  • dannydeucesdannydeuces Posts: 239Member
    in Hand#1, villian ended up with A7.
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