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Episode 6 "Depolarization"

Bart discusses how it is important to depolarize your river value betting range. Most weaker players bet only when they are very strong or very weak making it easy to bluff catch against them.



  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    Great mix of basic and advanced strategy this episode. 10/20 NL and tournament hh's are very helpful!

    Have blast in Macau. That place is hella fun.
  • WillWayWillWay Posts: 35Member
    Is depolarization more important when dealing with other competent players OOP, than in a weaker game with stationey opponents?
  • KeithClarkeKeithClarke Posts: 13Subscriber
    Audio sounded great, please get the iTunes download part figured out, also you mentioned that you have sent email blasts in past episodes, I have never received one
  • MattKGBMattKGB Posts: 35Subscriber
    Bart, in hand when you had 84 and rivered the second nuts, you bet-3-bet to 490. Is there a reason that it's not 500? Do you use it the same way as stores do with $0.99? I've watched a video very long time ago on DC where a coach was suggesting to make a single chip bets to induce a call(eg. instead of $5.20 betting one red chip), would you agree or disagree with that? I remember you saying that you like to bet with"big" chips to help opponents count the pot, do you think generally it's better to bet with stacks of "small" chips to increase fold equity and to bet with fewer "big" chips to get a call? Is there any true to it or is it just a bunch of nonsense.
    Thank you
  • MAtt,

    The point I TRY TO make with the oversize chips is to use them so that your opponents know pot size. On the river this is basically irrelevant.

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