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WPT 3500, ak 33 ppl left

yocamyoyocamyo Posts: 63Subscriber
I don't know a ton about tourneys sure this may be a standard spot but had a few buddies question my play so wanna check what u guys think.

Hero is playing pretty tight good image have tough players to the left of me.
Blinds are 6k, 12k. Hero has 975k
Hero opens ako in mp to 30k (wanted to try out a bigger sizing to see how ppl would react) everyone folds to sb (darren elias) and he 3 bets to 80k, he started the hand with about 420k. (Might have been a little more but under 500k)

What are our options? Haven't played with v much but know he is a good player and heard he was very aggressive. Just wanna know your guys thoughts and reasoning for what we do next with ak in this spot this deep in tourney with decent sized pay jumps upcoming. Thanks guys [/quote]


  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    1. Villain is an aggressive pro / not scared money or concerned about icm at this stage of the tourney, ie his range his typically going to be wider in this spot. He may not be committed to this pot yet.
    2. Hero has AK.
    3. Hero would be left with 500k which is more than 40 BBs if he loses an all in pot.
    4. Hero has AK!!

    Send in the troops!
  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Actually thinking about it , u might 4bet smallish / call off to give him a chance to put more chips in pre with a wider range. Something like 195k.
  • yocamyoyocamyo Posts: 63Subscriber
    Okay I figured lol just wanted to make sure thanks
  • 19ki19ki Posts: 126Member
    Shoving is fine, a more conservative route might be to flat call with position, it really depends on how you feel about your ability to play post flop against this particular opponent, if you feel you can handle him post flop I like a flat at this point in the tournament with your stack size, however if you feel he has a strong edge on you even out of position then shoving keeps things simple

    Congrats on the deep run
  • yocamyoyocamyo Posts: 63Subscriber
    Ty, I mean I haven't played with him before just have seen his results. I feel comfortable post, just thought he might 3 bet call with aq type hands. I could be wrong tho anyways I 4 bet and lost to qq.
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