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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 156: Constructing Bluffs and Hourly Challenge

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,181Administrator, LeadPro
edited October 2015 in Crush Live Poker podcast
This week Bart reviews some rather advanced bluffing spots, including reverse floating and also analyzes a slowplayed hand from his previous week's session. He also introduces his hourly challenge to play 450 hours by the end of the calendar year.




  • auniquemonikerauniquemoniker Posts: 37Subscriber
    Bart, you mentioned having students or subscribers that have told you they want to open up their game, work on bluffing, barreling, creative lines, etc...

    I agree with you about how the vast majority of the profit at the low/mid stakes is value, but I think the biggest variable is gonna be, in a lot of casinos, what shift you come in to play.

    If somebody out there wants to be able to play more hands, find more spots to run bluffs, etc... try logging some hours in the mornings or early afternoons. Getting an action table on a Friday night can be exciting, but honestly, if you're card dead, and the table is super active, it can be quite boring sitting and trying to wait for hands. A lot of times, I enjoy playing the 10am 2/5 lineup at my local casino, because I get to play so many hands, and I stay engaged in the game. I can play a ton of hands preflop, barreling scare cards against the right people is super effective, and I've found that some people just never float the flop light, which is great, because once they call the flop, if you have, or improve to, something that beats villain's likely top pair (or whatever the case may be) you can get stacks in easily because of your loose image.

    So yeah, try playing earlier if you wanna play more hands.
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