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1/2 deepstack hand

bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
Hero -mp $700

V1- utg +2- $100, spazzy loose fish

V2- utg+3- $1000, solid but can make loose calls pre when multiway, has slowplayed when flopped nutty hands.

Hero dealt AQ
Utg straddles, v1 calls, v2 calls, hero raises to $25,folds around to utg+1, v1 calls(75 behind) , v2 raises to $100, hero calls ( $600 behind)

I found this raise weird because before he raised he seemed to count V1 stack and it felt like a weird squeeze. And I think he would have raised strong hands immediately rather than limp raise. Also V1 is going to call off here with any pair any 2 broadway cards, probably any ace, and I guess it's possible he's trying to isolate him but I'm not sure he thinks in those terms. I elected to call.

-Flop. $300
As Ks 7h (V1 is all in)

V2 bets $100, hero calls ($500 behind)

I feel like I'm light years ahead of V1, and I think V2 can have worse aces and KQs. I don't think he has a set and I feel AK is the only thing beating me so I call to evaluate the turn.

-Turn $500 pot

As Ks 7h 2d

Villain bets $100, hero calls.($400. Behind)

I think if villain was ahead he'd put me all in on turn. I call with the intention of calling a river bet of $100 or checking if he checks

-River $700 pot
As Ks 7h 2d 3c

Villain jams. Hero has 400 behind

What do you think is V2 range and what's your action, and how would any of you play this differently pre and post flop?

Edit: fixed typos


  • TyrithTyrith Posts: 353Subscriber
    I want to say this could be a busted flush draw, but it being AsKs on the flop means that I just don't see any combos of flush draws he's doing this with. With how you describe the pre-flop action, he seemed pretty confident getting it in with the short-stack, so I don't think he has a random suited connector here. I suppose he could have QsJs or JsTs? Those hands just seem like they are ripe to get dominated by the shorts of hands the short stack is going to get it in with.

    If you're convinced that this isn't a limp/re-raise, then I'm having trouble putting him on a hand other than 77, but that contradicts your thoughts on the turn. I just can't imagine that many villains who are going to take a semi-bluff bet, semi-bluff bet, bluff river for $400 line at 1/2. 77 makes sense with the pre-flop action, and then the villain would just be milking a 3-bet pot, not really thinking about his bet sizing too much in a way that a lot of live players don't. Beyond that, I think his range is limp/reraising cards. Unless he's being a little spewy and playing for stacks with AJ, I don't see how he's ever doing this with anything you beat.
  • bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    On the river, I don't think hes going to turn a missed draw into a bluff(and its pretty hard for him to have a draw with AKss on the flop). My plan on the turn was to check call the river for $100 because I don't think it is out of the question for him to isolate V1 with AJ(or even AT) but once V1 called the $25 everyone at the table knew no matter what two cards he had the $100 was going in the pot, so I thought it was possible he could think I called pre because I knew V1 was going to call off his stack and he might be putting me on the draw.

    This was my thought process on the river, I wont post what I did or the results until later.
  • LucasELucasE Posts: 167Member
    To clarify, what's your position versus villain? You say you plan to check/call the river but you seem to be in position?

    Without reads I'm generally assuming a limp/reraise to be a big hand and the person playing it to be a fairly weak player. The way you've described villain seems to indicate he may be a little tricky, so this could be a wider range or a small-medium pocket pair (I think this is fairly likely). I think the small bets are pretty suspicious, especially if this guy is any good. He should know what our range looks like and that we should have a top pair type of hand and never, ever have a spade draw (what are we calling preflop with, QJs?) It looks like his flop and turn bets are saying 'I've got the nuts and am roping you in to shove on the river - I'm scared of absolutely no cards to come'. If villain is tricky, his range looks something like 'AK,AQ,AA,KK,77'. I'm not sure what you're calling down here to beat other than a stone cold bluff or a really, really weirdly played Ax suited, but what reason do we have to think he is playing a hand like that in this manner?

    Something else to remember - another player is already all-in. Villain knows he's going to have to show his hand regardless. I think this can vastly reduce the number of bluffs in his range.

    As a side point - I'm inclined to fold preflop because we're out of position (or are we in position, the action conflicts with your recapping of the hand). If we're in position it's a little closer. I still think I'm going to fold because we know villain is getting all-in with the short stack. This is a good spot to see what his holding is and figure out what's going on with the limp/raise.
  • bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    I mean check if checked to, call if he bets 100
  • bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    there was a hand earlier where V2 limped in, MPnit raised it up to $15, MPnit+1 raised to $50, V1 calls from the blind, V2 calls, MPnit shoves for $90ish, MPnit+1 calls, V1 calls, V2 calls.

    V2 ended up having KTo and he said he played because V1 was in the hand.

    So later when he(V2) limp/raises after V1 called my initial raise, I thought he might be trying to isolate with AT+, 99+. Also I've seen him open AK from early position with a raise so I thought if he had AK here why wouldn't he open with a raise.

    without reads limp/reraise ill respect, but since V1 has been spazzy and I've seen V2 play AK from early position by opening with a standard raise I thought wouldn't he just raise AK rather than limp/reraise.


    LucasE I agree with the range of AA,KK,AK,AQ,77 but instead of 77 I think he could have AJ because I think he just flats with 77 and I think he might try to ISO with AJ pre. v2 is directly on my right
  • bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    I folded on the river.

    V2 ended up having AK.

    V1 walked away from the table once the river hit, he didn't rebuy.

    I think the limp/raise really through me off. I think limp/raising is polarized(really strong/really full of shit) and I couldn't get off of my full of shit read.
  • JseeleyJseeley Posts: 48Member
    bobo1384 said

    I folded on the river.

    V2 ended up having AK.

    V1 walked away from the table once the river hit, he didn't rebuy.

    I think the limp/raise really through me off. I think limp/raising is polarized(really strong/really full of shit) and I couldn't get off of my full of shit read.
    I play a lot of 1/3 2/5 and I can count on one hand the players that limper reraise with anything other than AK+. Most the time it's an even stronger range of QQ+.
  • JseeleyJseeley Posts: 48Member
    Oh ya, fold pre. Like a said limp reraises you can easily release here. Don't level yourself into thinking he is trying to iso with a small PP or something. I had to learn to not project ranges I might have on other players.
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