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Crush Live O8 No. 19: Possible Mistake Hands in PLO8

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,241Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart takes a look at some sticky spots in PLO8 where he feels like he made mistakes. Action takes place mostly at $3-$6 6 max PLO8 on Bovada.

Episode posts at 2PM ET.



  • khalwatkhalwat Posts: 997Subscriber
    edited October 2015
    Hand #1 I think you can c-bet that flop. Yes, you have no high draw, but 6-max you can be getting value from people chasing whatever high card draws they have. Also look at the kinds of hands they are showing up with, no reason to fear monsters under the bed. On the turn it's for sure a bet from a pure equity POV.

    Hand #2 the reason I like betting the turn is it keeps your range uncapped; the board is super draw-heavy, you can rep so much more on the river if you bet the turn. I agree with you that the Q doesn't hit much of anything. When the 7 peels on the river, you'll only get folds from bricked draws after checking back the turn. River is a raise or a fold imo.

    Hand #3 I'd look at the 3 hearts in your hand as blockers. The guy probably has a wheel wrap or a broadway wrap with hearts or such when he raises. A fold on the flop is definitely too nitty 6-max imo. The turn card is absolutely horrible, if the guy is competent, a pot on that turn can also mean a made high hand trying to deny you equity in the low end of the pot. Turn is a fold imo, without reads on the opponent and his tendencies.

    Hand #4 I don't really mind the open, but betting that flop when the blinds both call is pretty uh... optimistic. You have position, use it. If you did have an A× here, you would check back sometimes anyway. There are no real draws to protect against... if I had like A26J or something, I'd check back that turn sometimes, hoping a low card comes off so I can get value from people who love chasing half the pot... so I don't think you're giving up anything by checking back that flop without an A× .

    Hand #5 Definitely a flop bet. When he pots turn he probably had trip kings with a low or a low with a flush draw. I'd just get it in, especially given what we've seen this guy turn up with, he also could have a set of 8's with a low or such too. Getting him to fold out low draw equity is good, you can't count on him bluffing with zero low equity at all a high percentage of the time. He could also think you're driving a low and be bluffing, but I think probably not too often.

    Hand #6 A smart way when you're starting to play PLO8 is just don't play hands without an ace and at least one low card (and obviously connected cards too). Anyway with zero high equity (essentially) I don't mind a fold at all vs. an unknown. Vs. some players in my player pool I'm never folding. On that river, I think any non-wheel is checking back there a lot anyway, but I don't hate the lead as long as you'd folding to a shove. If he has 46, it's by accident. Fold.
  • doctorflushdoctorflush Posts: 6Subscriber
    At the high levels are you just playing hands with a Ace in it ? Is there any Hutchison system hands only
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,241Administrator, LeadPro
    I think you can definitely play low rundown hands like 2345 especially in Big O. I would still use Hutchinson as a guide but realize that hands like A2wx with the Ace suited are much more powerful in a deeper stacked cash game than say a hand like AKQ2.
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