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1/2 uncapped - Two hands vs. a straightforward reg

whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
Game is 1/2 no max., only limit at this venue. Eff. stacks are approx. 900.
Villain is one of the better players there. Definitely winning player overall at this level, plays TAG, understands position, pays attention to board texture. However, he's not very creative / doesn't change his lines at all, and doesn't adjust to his opponents. We have played before multiple times, he knows I am a thinking player, probably views me as loose pre, aggressive and maybe a bit unconventional post. Has seen me play higher.

Hand 1:
Villain raises to 16 from LP over one limper, I call with 5d5h from the blinds, limper calls. (16 is his opening size from LP vs loose passive opponents, his range is all unpaired high card hands, and 88+.
Flop comes Qc9c6c, it gets checked through.
So, I know he doesn't have an overpair, Qx, sets/two pair, AcXc. He would cbet these hands 100%.
Turn is the Th.
I check, limper check, villain bets 40, hero raises to 120, limper folds, villain thinks a bit and calls.
River is a blank.

Hand 2:
Hero opens to 8 from EP with Jh9h. Folds to villain on button who calls. Blinds fold.
Flop (20) comes 987dd. Hero checks (I was thinking that villain is so straightforward that misrepresenting my hand might make it more profitable vs. him. If I check-call, he can put me on a flush draw type hand).
Villain bets 12, hero calls.
Turn (44) is 5c.
Hero checks, Villain bets 36, Hero calls. (I thought since I chose to underrepresent my hand, I have to call.)
River (116) is 9s
Hero bets 70.

Thoughts on all streets appreciated.


  • bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    Hand 1: if I'm gonna run a bluff on the turn I think I bet when checked to on the river. If he leads river I'm probably folding unless it seems like a blocker bet and I know he'd fold to a raise. I don't think we win this pot without betting. I probably would have not chose to run a bluff since when I play pairs to setmine I usually stick with the plan (hit a set or get out)

    Hand2: I think I call river. The range I put him on is 66-1010(without 99 obviously), 56, 67,78, 89,9T, JT with a few combos of flush draws. I'm not raising because I feel if we want to rep a full house we would have lead the flop with our set/ two pair.
  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    bobo, you misread the hand histories.

    hand 1:
    I am OOP.

    hand 2:
    I did bet the river myself.
  • jmcjmc Posts: 58Member
    Hand 1:
    Seems like a really weird way to play a value hand if you had one - your hand makes virtually no sense at all. I suppose if he's the squeamish type, perhaps a super-large bet on the river (like $300+) might get him to fold everything except for a flush (which he probably doesn't have). After he calls that turn, he could have something as strong as TT or KJ and you need a way to get those hands to fold -- if you don't think you can pull that off, folding the turn may have been better (dude is a TAG, TAGs hit boards like this, let them have one).

    Hand 2:
    Bet/fold river as played seems ok if villain is the type that won't value-bet thin and won't fold overpairs in this situation. Unfortunately, after he bets twice, there probably aren't too many worse hands in his calling range - maybe T9 and something like QQ/JJ/TT. Everything else is boats, flopped straights and busted draws.

    Sick thing is that if villain isn't really the type to 2-barrel much, J9 doesn't beat very much on the turn.
  • bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    whatsyourplay? said

    bobo, you misread the hand histories.

    hand 1:
    I am OOP.

    hand 2:
    I did bet the river myself.
    I rolled out of bed when I replied earlier,

    Hand 1 : virtually the same as I said above. If you're gonna run the bluff on the turn I think you should bet river. I don't think I run the bluff though but if I did that's what I would do.

    Hand 2: I would check/call rather than bet/fold because that way you give him a chance to run a bluff with his missed draws. bet folding you would only get value from sometimes TT/T9/78 everything else he calls with beats you.
  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Thanks bobo and jmc!
    Anyone else want to help me out here?
  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    I think I save this bluff for when I have some amount of equity. Deep stacks is the only time to even think about this bluff cuz you can apply a lot of pressure, but I still think I wait for a spot when the board isn't so coordinated (ie, villian's range includes more one pair hands vs two pairs/pair+draws/sd+fd/etc. ), as players are more likely to call to see the river, which leaves u in a tough spot on whether to bluff the river.
    This hand seems fine, as long as u are folding if raised. I think most villian's don't even raise with a straight on the river. I guess u can get called by T9, 8x sometimes.
  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Thanks, Chili! Very helpful comments.

    In hindsight, think I misplayed both hands.

    I agree that in hand 1, I need to fire turn and river if I decide to bluff, since I basically know he has a medium strength hand. But it just won't work often enough against this type of villain. He told me afterwards that I don't represent much in his eyes. I actually would play a high flush this way often, but he doesn't know that.

    In Hand 2 it's better to just bet the flop and turn, BECAUSE he is such a straightforward player. Misrepresenting your hand is better in position with a strong hand that is less vulnerable. As played, I probably should fold the turn, as his large bet size screams strength. Since he potcontrols a lot, he would probably check back 8x type of hands or maybe even T9, so there are not really any weaker hands he can call my river bet with.
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