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I Squeezed on BB as David Chan said!

nariman44nariman44 Posts: 96Subscriber
1/2 game but plays deep and like 2/5.
UTG was opening light with sizing tells. He opened to $10, 2 middle and late position players call and hero has Q :s: 8 :s: on BB. villain has $580 and hero covers.
Based on 3bet theory podcast of David Chan, I thought it is a good spot to squeeze so I raised to 55 more (65 total).
Villain calls and the other 2 players fold. It is heads up and I'm out of position:
flop (pot=150)= K :s: 7 :s: 5
I bet 100 and villain almost quickly called.
Turn (pot=350)= A

At this point villain has only $415 behind (slightly over a pot size bet).

What should hero do? villain stack size is awkward. what is the bet size if hero decides to bet?


  • shove
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    Ace is a good card for us.
    We def have Ax in both our pre flop value 3b range and 3b sqeezing range, so Ace is very good card!
    V is K and PP heavy I believe.

    Depending on V profile if you think he will laydown KT-KQ type of hand I would ask him how much he has to make sure he knows exact amount and to make sure he knows that I know as well and then bet 325.
    This will look VERY strong.

    If V is a total station, then maybe it's best not to bet and hope it either checks through or he bets too small giving the right odds to draw.
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  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I agree 100% with Clock here.. in fact I had an almost identical spot yesterday where I threebet light got called cbet got called and had an ace hit the turn ..

    I shipped all in because villain had only like 200 left.. he folded and I won without showdown.

    Whats great about these spots is if you do get called you still have alot of equity.. When you make these plays and they work over and over again you look confident because you are confident and I swear other players can sense this..

    back in the day when I was just a guppy at poker I never understood why I kept getting so horribly sucked out on when I had the nuts and went all in. Its because I was so nervous that I am telling you others thought I was way weaker.. Not because I was giving off a false tell. because I was SO WORRIED..

    now I get folds when I bet in these situations because I KNOW they work.. lol. we are all still animals in the end..

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  • marseillemarseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    edited August 2015
    I disagree. In a raised pot, yeah fire away. The A looks like a good double barrel card. In a 3bet pot, not so much. With his snap call on flop, I think he is often A heavy here, either in form of passive AK or Axss. ( In fact you can argue that he has more As in his range than you do) I think you can eliminate almost all pps except sets- very optimistic to think he is snap calling large bet in 3bet pot with pair below K. Frankly I think even KQ/KJ are thinking hard about flop since so many players immediately think AK when 3bet.

    3 bet dynamic is so important here. You don't profile players in hand but I am assuming if you listened to D Chan you are only doing this when pfr is solid and callers are weak. If that's the case, all the more reason to be wary of his snap call on flop. Is this guy really calling pf with a shitty K with two behind to act? If a pp, is he really fast calling flop on that board?
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Even if he is opening light, he opened UTG, so he should have some semblance of a hand. I'm not necessarily saying the 3-bet was bad, but I'm probably trying to take this line against MP and LP hands rather than EP.

    As played, it's a high-variance line, but you're getting the best runout you can without hitting your hand. Kx and midpairs will fold. I think you'll run into AK or A7 here some, but you have equity. You're really only worried about running into the NFD which has you drawing dead.
  • snapper35snapper35 Posts: 243Subscriber
    edited August 2015
    The whole point of this was you have a sizing tell...

    What did you see before?
    What sizing did you see V is raising light?
    Did he use the size this hand raising light UTG?
    Do you know his calling range? and how he plays post flop if he has called 3bets before?
  • What kind of hands does David Chan recommend squeezing with and is Q8s one of them?
  • GhostDogGhostDog Posts: 328Subscriber
    edited August 2015
    JapanTown wrote: »
    What kind of hands does David Chan recommend squeezing with and is Q8s one of them?

    Subscribe and you get access to all his videos/podcasts. I mean I know free information is clutch, but if you want the gold sometimes you gotta pay for it ;)
  • nariman44nariman44 Posts: 96Subscriber
    The UTG open size had tell. I was sure he has speculative hands rather than 2 Broadway cards.
    I bet 250 leaving him around 170 behind and he called, 8 on the river and I bet the rest hoping making him fold the nut flush draw in case he missed and he snap called.
    He had 6 4 for rivered straight!
  • Honestly, when you're playing 1/2 donkeys calling your squeeze with 64s I doubt much of this squeezing stuff applies.
  • BigLarryBigLarry Posts: 86Subscriber
    I am betting 100% of time on Ace here whether I shove or bet big (close to a shove but leaving a little behind) depends on my opponent and how I feel he will interpret each of those bets.

    I think a big bet or a shove gets through very often and when it doesn't you still have the draw (unless villain has Ax spades)
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    one thing I will say is if you knew this villain is a calling station then I dont think its necessary to actually squeeze since you can always get a stations stack... ie best to try a squeeze on someone who actually can fold at somepoint..

  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    I would say you played it correctly.
    He basically sucked out with very little equity on the turn.
    Would you be upset with how you played AA if you got it AI pre vs KK and lost? Obv not, right?

    The only thing is you didn't need to bet the river - you had a pair so you had SD value to beat anything that missed.
  • MastaC707MastaC707 Posts: 95Subscriber
    David also says to keep the 3bet bluffing to a minimum and in-position. Keep the OOP 3 bets value.

  • JacklambJacklamb Posts: 561Subscriber
    perfect flop for a cbet. A is a perfect turn to double barrel. Shove every time. You'll get a lot of folds there. Plenty of equity in case we do get called. Idk about 3b Q8s OOP with 3 to act behind you. IP sure, I get it. Tough to play OOP in these bloated pots. I'll have to check out David Chan's pocast
  • maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    if we think our squeeze is good (which I am not sure it is) , we absolutely have to shove this turn. you simply have too much equity for that SPR and I usually think bigger is better in that spot so I would shove.

    however since your maneuverbility isn't that great with that SPR, I wouldn't squeeze at all. I usually want to be able to fire 3 bullets postflop to fully use my skilladvantage and I feel like in many spots it takes 3 bullets to get ppl off their medium hands...
    another option would be to just squeeze bigger
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    edited June 2016
    Wow. I can't imagine the mixed range of emotions on the river.

    "Oh well, what the hell? you fucking moron!" enter Hulk mode
  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    JapanTown wrote: »
    Honestly, when you're playing 1/2 donkeys calling your squeeze with 64s I doubt much of this squeezing stuff applies.

    +1. It's a value bet game. I still catch myself burning money with FPS. In this spot you should have shoved but he might have called anyhow.
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