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Does Anyone Use Flopzilla?

I'm rereading my copy of "How to Read Hands At No-Limit Hold 'Em" by Ed Miller and came across the "Using Flopzilla To Perfect Your Hand Reading" chapter toward the back and was wondering if anyone has ever used this software?

If yes, would you recommend that or any other software that Ed references like Poker Snowie?


  • FoldtoMyRaiseFoldtoMyRaise Posts: 312Subscriber
    I use flopzilla. It is a good program for working on hand reading and calculating your hand equity against a range of hands. It is also a good for analyzing how certain ranges hit various flops as it makes it easy to see. You can also get a fast count of combos in the villian's range. I also like the fact that you can include only certain hands to narrow range based upon what you think the villian would continue with or what kind of hands would do certain things based upon the action on the flop and/or turn. It also gives you a hot map for cards to come so you can see how many cards might kill your hand, kill your action, or make your hand.
  • mythomaniacmythomaniac Posts: 284Subscriber
    Thanks for the feedback!
  • Philly DavePhilly Dave Posts: 114Subscriber
    also look at equilab its free.
    Thanked by 1mythomaniac
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