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CLPer vs. Competent 10/25 reg Best line?



  • snapper35snapper35 Posts: 243Subscriber
    edited August 2015
    @hammer your quoting me in your response, so yea wtf.
    Re-read it I said "raise" or OB AI if you want to get some crazy FPS line. He needs to use his image to do something FPS.
    Why do need to quote me. Everybody gave him a short answer of 4 bet. You said V wasn't calling 4bet.

    If AI are not bluffs then why are you worried of taking away that away from V? We are beat anyways if it's the nuts!
    all this anyways is bullshit to the man's post, what is this 2+2?
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    edited August 2015

    your tone is a little mean. we are all here trying to help each other and we really like keeping it civil.

    i didnt say he wouldnt call an all in. I said he might fold a set or a combo draw to an all in. I assumed hero isnt getting any more money from a single paired hand regardless of what hero does

    now this may seem trivial but its not. so dont go saying I said this blah blah when I didnt. now if I didnt make myself clear enough no worries just ask me like reedmylips did

    and finally. my handle is thehammah. not hammer

  • snapper35snapper35 Posts: 243Subscriber
    edited August 2015
    So why are you quoting me? Now you want to keep it civil? Cause I said something different, hero was asking. You repeated what chan said, so what? How is that helping anybody. Yea, have a discussion then. Smh- i can argue with women in 2+2 crist
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    whats your problem dude???

    If you go back and look I posted the second response and I said raise to 3k.. 2 responses later Dchan came in and said raise to 2800..

    So I am agreeing with david???

    You have every right to your opinion. Now you choose to be very adversarial.. not me.. furthermore what does me being a woman have anything to do with it??

    I have been on clp and sop from the very first day. There are plenty of folks here who value my opinion.. you dont want it? no worries man..

    so you are now persona non grata for me and I wont respond to any posts you make since you obviously dont think my opinion is worth anything..

  • Jonw23Jonw23 Posts: 175Subscriber, Professional

    And all others. I value your opinion. CLP is a brother/sisterhood. We are here to help each other out and not argue against each other. Let's all get along. So we can continue to make money off of non CLPers!!
  • JamesSuhJamesSuh Posts: 320Subscriber
    I think the 6 second mark will bring things back to reality, let's cheer up a bit guys :)

  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    I've got snapper on "Ignore". He seems more interested in stirring up shit than reasonable discussion...

    As for this hand, the board is way too wet to not 4-bet the flop. Too many cards slow down villain and prevent us from getting value. I'm leaning towards an overbet shove. That makes us look like a big draw like A J than a made hand. Yes, AQ may find a hero fold, but we would have a hard time making any more value from him anyway. Let's get the stacks in now against sets and overpairs.
    Thanked by 2Thehammah snapper35
  • snapper35snapper35 Posts: 243Subscriber
    edited August 2015
    @hammer did you really just like his OB shove here?smh
    When Hero looks for a "bettor line" and most didnt want to wait until turn then he wants to try something else pre flop.
    So we try to make up something else pre just to see how it would work.
    So you dont agree and get all adversarial.
    Dont ever go all in then, so what else can hero do.
    With hero giving history and you dont understand how to use image then nothing else is going to make sense

    dbuck you said somehting different-this is awesome

    agian V is an unk dont make it any harder. he may overplay AA/KK only few combos of big draws AKdd/AJdd----KJdd pre? maybe, but not AK/KJhh we have it AND we have blocker.

    DBUCK -I love it-ill got to give you a like for that
    Get Value now, V may over play big PPs(we dont know-im not giving him credit to be world class yet) and turn cards can scare V more cause we cold called=wider like we are drawing, hell why cant we have under set 99.

    either 4 bet click back so V can shove thinking he has fold EQ or use image and keep range wider with OB shove looks nasty
  • snapper35snapper35 Posts: 243Subscriber
    edited August 2015
    i didnt misread the post, again your preamble has no history of one hand played just image. WHICH is fine, we just have to go off that no assume you have been active. i said post a hand you played or how image has changed being active. IF NOT thats just your image right now and V had just sat your an UNK. Yea nodoby knows you could be card dead, b/f flops or on the phone NO big deal against you-thats not the point. You could be a LAG or drooler but this is your image right now. Limited info use images

    The point was if you want to do something different look at images and use to advantage.
    Use your image of playing up, yes he knows you are since V is a reg so
    play like a drooler and give him what he expects.

    Could you click back 4 bet to induce a shove making V thinks he has fold EQ or OB AI.
    Remember you cold called opos you should be wider here drawing or under set, keep feeding him that before turn scares him that hero hit.

    V only has few big drawing hands to build pot AKdd/AJdd/KJdd- we block these kings only 3 combos and block back door draws with hearts cause we have Kh &Jh. That leaves sets or AA/KK if he wants to build a pot with AA/KK lets let him get the money in now before he shuts down to a scare card since we are a wide cold caller

    As played, lead blank that blank turn like your naming a price or scared-bet 1125 to induce a shove making him think he has fold EQ again.
    River he looks like 1 pr hands cause draws missed so you could of just value bet targeting that part of range BUT bet larger casue you wouldnt block with missed draws.
    I like the OB to keep going with your stroy and keeping range wide.
    Proly just a PSB of 2500 rather than the 4k. I like the big nasty 2-3x pots when you need a tight ass fold from a nit or V has a wider value range to 3x so not this board if I think he only has 1pr hands. Ex. if I thought he had a set of 99 or 1010 then 3x fo sho

  • iamalliniamallin Posts: 1,173Subscriber, Professional
    My concern with a 4-bet to $3K is it leaves around $4.5K behind and a pot of $6K.
    There are 21 turn cards that could have us drawing DEAD.
    (11 diamonds, 2 jacks, 3 Q, 3 Ts, 2 9s)

    What do you do if one of those 21 cards peels off and you have less than a pot sized bet left behind first to act?

    We don't have a hand with a redraw.

    Chance of this happening is nearly 50% (21/44 unknown cards)

    I much prefer the following 2 options
    1. a call followed by (a lead on a brick and a check-call on one of those 21 cards or a bet-fold on one of those 21 cards ) followed by more difficult OOP river guessing.

    2. Ship the flop.

    May be these actions are not as +EV, but playing 300BB deep OOP, I am not too concerned with maximizing value. I wouldn't have the discipline to fold for another $4.5K when I check and villain ship it on a Q of clubs turn.
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