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Weird spot with trips

VAFVAF Posts: 49Subscriber
1/3 game at Aria
I've been at the table about an hour. The villain is a young guy in his 20s. I believe he is Indian.
Seems competent,TAG

I have a good solid image I have been winning.

eff stacks are $500

Here is on the button with 9 6
Villain is HJ raises to $12
I call and two others call

Flop:[$45] 266 :r:

Villain bets $25
I raise to $65
everyone folds, villain folds pretty quickly
I am putting him on an overpair as big as aces and want to play this fast. I don't think he can put me on 6 here with my quick raise.

Turn:[$175] J
He checks and I bet $125
He takes maybe 10-15 seconds, looks at me and then calls.
At this point I am a little worried that he could have JJ but I still think that I am ahead. I am intending to shove on any river other than a

River:[$425] A :s:
He insta ships his stack which is about $300

My thoughts are that I am beat here. He has JJ or AA or even possibly A6s
I guess its possible he could be over playing AJ but I don't see him shipping his stack with AJ

What are your thoughts on the river and other parts of the hand

Thanks for all comments


  • tensor0910tensor0910 Posts: 123Subscriber
    Extremely hard for him to have A6 here....only 1 combo of A6s left and based on your description I highly doubt A6o is in his range. Does the action go check, check, he bets?`

    do you think 22 is in his PF raising range?

    Honestly I cant think of anything that you beat that he may do this w/....I think you've shown so much strength that a TAG would likely just c/c or b/f AJ here. Its V dependent but I would fold here.

  • BandgeekBandgeek Posts: 140Subscriber
    On the river you're toast, gotta muck.

    The rest of the hand looks fine.
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