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1-2 KK Missed Value

First post here. Really like the CLP community though. I know I missed value on river for sure, but what about the turn? How would you have played the hand and what's your thought process here?

185$ effective. Hero tight image. V1 young lag strattled. Hero didn't realize strattle in effect. Hero MP with KK raise $10. OMC on button and villain call.
Flop($32) Js8s8c
V1 checks, hero bets $15, OMC folds. V1 snap calls.
Turn ($62) 5d
V1 leads $30, hero calls
River ($92) 8h
V1 leads $30 hero calls


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    edited July 2015
    Preflop is a mistake, but you've already acknowledged that.

    Your flop bet is too small. You're trying to set up to get stacks in. Bet more - $25.

    Villain's turn donk might be a factor of your small flop sizing. With the flush draw out there, I think I'm raise/folding the turn.

    River is an easy raise, especially since he maintained the same sizing from turn to river. That's not an 8 with that sizing.
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