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Preflop over play with jacks?

MarcusMarcus Posts: 104Subscriber
Hey what's up everyone thank in advance for your input. So I am playing 3/5 at and effective stacks of this hand are 700.

So a guy uTg has a stack of 50 bucks and he open ships. A tight player to his left calls the 50. I have jacks and I make it 150. It gets folded back around to the tight player and he tanks. He is pained with making a decision and then finally makes it 350. I instant fold and it turns out he has QQ.

I feel like this hand can go either way for a smooth call before the flop or a raise. My hand will be under represented post flop but I will have position. What are your thoughts ?


  • beauregardbeauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    I think most guys here would say bet/fold is the right line
    but I'd prefer to smooth call vs. the TAG caller unless you think calling invites too many other folks into the pot

    in pots where there's no side pot, folks are more apt to play their hand face up
    esp since they will need to show their hand to win the main pot
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