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Missing the flop with AK out of position heads up

1-3 No limit home game

Bought in short stack I started the hand with about 355 most players have 800 plus (aggressive game)

I'm small blind I have AK Hearts
It gets limped around to the button (3 limpers)
Button raises to 10
I re-raise to 25
The limpers and big blind fold the button calls


Flop= 8d 8s 10c

I check button raises 40
I re-raise to 90
Button calls

Pot= 232
I have about 240 left

Turn= Ad
I think for a minute and go all in
Button calls and flips over A 10

Any thoughts


  • beauregardbeauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    dang, dude.
    sorry, but there's not much I like about how you played the hand.
    3 limpers... $9
    Button opens $10
    add sb & bb - pot $23
    and you make it $25?
    does anybody ever fold there for that?
    button has to call 15 to win 47?

    then you check.
    button bets 3/4 of pot
    and you basically min raise him?
    does anybody ever fold here for THAT?
    now he's got to call 50 to win like 150!?!?!

    let's think for a moment:
    you raised PF like you had sort of a big hand.
    is there ever an 8 in a big hand that you would play like that?
    me thinks no.
    and with V having a T - odds of you having TT here are slim to none.

    so what could you have?
    JJ, QQ, KK... mebbe....
    what about AA?
    again, V has an A - so odds of that are small too.

    PLUS, how often would you min-raise someone who bet the T88 flop if you had an overpair?
    most players would be concerned that V has an 8 and would just check/call
    but you're showing all kinds of strength/aggression (usually that's a bluff)

    now the A hits and you're AI. (WA/WB)
    based on hand-reading, I think a big A is all you ever have here.
    I call with 3-pair.

    I think your sizing and "fancy play" hurts your credibility here.
    (this actually is dependent on table images which you didn't provide)

    pre-flop, I'm making it 35 or 40. a MANLY bet!!!
    hell, in an aggressive game, i might even just shove AI... make it look like a squeeze play!
    and if V calls, I'm potting the flop.
    if V calls, I'm might shove on turn (and get the same results - but I've put V's feet to fire and forced him to make tough decisions)

    Either that, or I'm just calling the $10 and check/calling to the river... playing possum.
    I think here, you need to pick one or the other.
    I don't think mixing these two "styles" ever produces any good results.

    but that's just one man's POV. take it for what it's worth.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    Raise preflop more. You are OOP. It's for value and getting it heads up.

    Next people play super predictable in 3b pots.... period. I rarely see anyone getting out of line.

    On the flop you need to bet. That is actually a fairly good board to bet especially if you 3b more. If he calls you know he has a pair. There is nothing to float.

  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I always second guess myself when I agree with Beau he he.. but your preflop raise is woefully too small. You are oop and need to make this around a pot size raise.. shorthanded with AK is better when oop..

    thats a pretty dry board and I dont mind check calling.. but I am not raising.. there is a general guideline in poker where if you play your hand as a bluffcatcher its better to keep playing as a bluffcatcher.. you are in a wa/wb situation here and raising should get everything worse to fold and only better to call as you experienced

    try going through all of the curriculum.. there are many podcasts and videos that talk to this exact situation and how to avoid it.

    Thanked by 1knightshade
  • GusFritschieGusFritschie Posts: 102Subscriber
    I 3-bet to $35 pre and then bet flop.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    As others have said, your raise size preflop is way too small. I'm making it probably $40.

    The flop is pretty dry. There's no reason not to think you're ahead, and even if you're not, you'll often see overcards you can barrel. Definitely bet the flop.

    Your checkraise is way too small and makes no sense. What value hand would play this way? Quads maybe? That's it. You look so bluffy you're going to get looked up light.

    Now on the turn you hit a good card for you, and you overbet shove? You're now WA/WB - you're only going to get called when you're beat. Bet a normal size - $100 maybe. At this point, you're probably getting it in anyway, but that's the line you probably should be taking.
    Thanked by 1knightshade
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    3bet to $35 preflop. I probably cbet flop in a vacuum without reads on how aggressive/stabby VIllain is versus a check.

    As played, I would just check/call flop if you thought Villain was likely stabbing. Check-raising makes no sense because I doubt that you get him to fold any pairs.
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