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overplaying bottom set?

This is my second time posting on CLP so please let me know if I forget any relevant information.

2/5 $500 cap

Hero is a young 24 yr old Asian player whose tight aggressive with a good image after doubling to $1000 in the first half hour.

Villain is in his late 30s who seems to play tight passive but mostly unknown.

Effective stacks $1000

Villain straddles UTG to 10

Hero UTG+2 with 22 call, four other player call including big and small blind then Villain raise to 40 and everyone calls. pot is 240

Flop comes: 8h Kd 2h

Flop checks to villain who bets 100

Hero raise to 250

Folds around to villain and he 4bet to 550

Hero shoves all in and villain calls. Turn and river are 33 and villain tables 88 full.

Did I overplay my set? Could I find a fold to the 4bet? Would AhKh 4bet this board?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Don't post results - it will skew opinions.

    When villain 3-bets to $550, what range do you put him on? Usually, players will slow down with AA after you checkraise here, so really you're up against 88, KK, A K. You're crushed by that range, and should fold.

    If you think he still has AA in his range, you should just call the 3-bet, not shove, as your 4-bet shove is very likely to fold AA.

    Aside from that, cooler.
    Thanked by 1FreeLunch
  • bingyianbingyian Posts: 90Subscriber
    Thanks dpbuck, I'll hold off on the results next time. btw, I had position on the villain because he raised his straddle and I was UTG+2. Also, it was only 400 for the villain to call the all in so I figured the flush draws would call.
  • BandgeekBandgeek Posts: 140Subscriber
    this is just a cooler. I'm practically never folding bottom set 200bbs deep unless flop is like TJQ monotone. Plenty of villains at this level that will overshove AK or Kx here.
    Thanked by 2Floyd FreeLunch
  • Stovall13@hotmail.com[email protected] Posts: 798Subscriber
    The problem with this board is there are no 2pair combos you can get value from, so you need to focus on AK and AA for value. I would include AhXh, but you said this V is tight passive - does a tight, passive 4bet the flop with the NFD? I doubt it. So, as played, I would flat his 4bet, unless you think he is committed to calling it off with AA or AK.
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