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Easiest fold with AA ever?

750 effective 10 handed 2/5 500max

villian seems like a solid middle aged player although did see him reraise 22 over a raise and a reraise on an all spade 2KJ board earlier in the night..

Villain Utg opens for 25 with a 900 dollar stack

Hero wakes up with AA on the button and makes it 65

Utg calls

Flop is KJ7 rainbow

Hero bets 90

Utg calls

Turn is a 7...still rainbow

Villain now leads for 180

Hero calls

River is a 3

Villain puts hero all in for around 400.

Is this a very easy fold in this spot because the only hand we beat in his value betting range on this board texture is AK and we already have two Ace blockers to that hand?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Would villain open KJ UTG? If he would, I think you need to call off. If he's tighter than that, then yeah, this is a fold.
  • uWannaChopuWannaChop Posts: 37Subscriber
    Well I called off and he had JJ, in retrospect I hate my call and think it's a pretty easy fold...what do u think about calling turn and folding River in this spot?
  • StarwarsJediMasterStarwarsJediMaster Posts: 741Subscriber
    Really narrow range for Villian and weird line. Was he a winning thinking player?
  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    There are 7 combos of flopped sets which can all take this line, and 6 combos of AK. We could include KJ but I tend to discount it because of the board pairing 7 OTT. I also don't think he generally takes this line with AK - pre, flop, and turn fit, but the large River bet doesn't IMO.

    You need to be good OTR 400/(1070+400) = 27% of the time to call here. If he played all combos of AK and sets this way, then its an easy call, but I just don't think he shows up with AK or other here often enough. So, I think its a tough fold that most people can't make.
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