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general Q: someone bets same dollar amt 2 streets in a row; anything we can infer here?

RogerHardyRogerHardy Posts: 794Subscriber

So I saw this a few times yesterday.

Basically lets say 5 way pre flop for $10 in a 1-2 game, so pot is $50.

PFR makes it $25 on the flop, one caller. Now $100 in the pot.

PFR makes it $25 again on the turn.

Is there anything we can be inferring from these types of players that we can make use of? Other than they might be new to NL and just have the mindset that "25 is a big bet" regardless of whether its into a $25 pot or a $125 pot? Like, they just have TP? or are they slowplaying something?

I'll have to track what they're showing up with, see if I can find some trends.



  • bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    in a vacuum, it looks like weakness to me
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Generally it means weakness.. that said they might not fold to a raise.. Before I would raise someone like this I would like to know if they will fold to my raise. Last week I had a player like this but he never folded.. he made a tiny bet on the river when a scare card came in so I raised with tp as I suspected he had two pair.. but he called me anyways.. saying something like he didnt think I had the flush.. they are NOT hand reading and putting you on a range but that they are afraid of betting more and having to call a bigger bet.. but they call nonetheless.

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