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Raise/Fold TU with 2nd-Nuts???

SharkShark Posts: 108Subscriber
Tough Raise/Fold deep with 2nd Nuts:

Playin 2/4 in the local Casino.
Utg rsises to 16.
3 people cold call
CO(Hero) Calls with 42c. (Stack1406)
BTN limps behind (villan) . We dont know anything about him. He is sitting since 5 minutes at the table comming from a mager tournament event. It is late in the night and the casino will close in 5 minutes. He looks nervous. He buys in for 4K to cover everyone by far. Looks like a smart player.
Flop Comes (36Jdds). - Pot Size (80).
Every one checks through.
CO(Hero) Checks.
BTN Checks.

Turn is a (5s).
3 players check.
CO(Hero) Bets 70 . Into 80.
BTN Raises 240 . UTG calls with his last. 200
CO(Hero) Raises 490 . (Leaving ca. 900 behind)
BTN Raises shoves to 4 k!
CO(Hero) Tank/Folds and hates life?
RI 2d brings in the front door FD. Utg wins the main pot with AJdd. Btn mucks and wins the sidepot.
Is that a bad Raise/Fold on TU?


  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Any info about villain? Look, age, behaviour, eye contact? How is his chip stack organized? At which point in the hand did he become nervous? Before getting his cards?
  • WackabrewWackabrew Posts: 400Subscriber
    Is 4x a standard open raise size in this game? I ask because it would be really hard for villian to put you on 24cc here (and I would not play it even for a limp). If he is a smart player as you say, he should realize that there aren't too many sets in your range once you check through on the flop. That said, you only lose to 47 here. Even against an unknown on the button, it would be tough to include that hand in any sort of calling range, although I've been wrong before.

    I would call it off. There are tons of worse hands that Villian can be doing this with.
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