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Hey guys,

I have a student that is hiring me for some lessons and she is totally unfamiliar with the math of tournaments and cash games. What is the best book/website for me to recommend that lays out the correct push situations in tourneys in an easy to read format? Something that she could skim over in an hour or so? Remember she is very green and doesn't know much about poker.



  • WillWayWillWay Posts: 35Member
    Hey Bart-
    Sent email to your [email protected] account, hope this will be some help.

  • I didnt get that email will.

    Can you resend it?
  • WillWayWillWay Posts: 35Member
    Resent Bart...will check in morning to see if it went through, since first send got Mailer-Daemon fail response...sry will hopefully get there this time
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