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RIvered straight facing check-raise. Was this value or spew?

BandgeekBandgeek Posts: 140Subscriber
1-3 NL. Effective stacks are roughly $400

Hero is on the BTN with T 7
4 limps, I call, both blinds come along. 7 players to flop ($21)

9 2 J

2 checks, MP bets $10
1 call in front of me, I call, both blinds fold, UTG calls, the rest fold.

Turn, 4 players ($61)
9 :s:

UTG checks, MP bets $15, everyone calls.
River, 4 players ($121)

3 checks to hero who bets $75
UTG raises to $200, 2 folds back to hero who????

My questions are.
1) Is the bet on the river a solid value bet, or spew?

In the hand before this one, the UTG guy got pissed off that someone bluffed him out on the river with a $140 bet, and the other player in the hand looked the bettor up light and took down the pot with a worse hand than the one UTG folded. I was thinking I could get called here by him if he had a J or 8.

2) Are we priced in to call? We're getting a little over 3 to 1.

Does a recreational player ever do this with less than QT? It's hard to put him on trip nines because that means he would have checked it twice.

3) In a limped pot with 7 players, should I have raised on the flop to thin the field and then used overcards to the J to barrel the turn and/or river if I don't hit one of my 12 outs? OR, because it is a limped pot and this board seems to hit alot of limping ranges, was I better off waiting to make a real hand before getting aggressive?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Depending on table dynamics, this should probably be a raise our fold preflop. You're looking to play a suited gapper against strong ranges. This is definitely not the case. Raise preflop to scoop the dead money.

    Flop is good. You're not going to get a ton of folds, so just call with your equity. There are a lot of pair+draws in villain ranges. Turn is good too, only because villain bet so small.

    I think your river value bet is great. You'll probably get looked up by a jack, which is what you really want. You may even get looked up lighter since your hand looks like busted diamonds. Once raised, I'm probably still calling, especially with that dynamic. H is line is pretty bluffy. It really looks like he may have bricked a draw.
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