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5/5 EURO 300bb diep: RIVER PLAY

HAliHAli Posts: 5Subscriber
Playing a 5/5 deep game (plays more like a 5/10), everybody is sitting very deep also the game is very soft, i have 3 other regs on my table.

We have: Q T on the button.

Good reg opens 20 utg+2 and gets 3 callers, i call on the button and 1 of the blinds decide to complete.

with 5 players we see J 8 5 (pot is 105)

Reg bets 60 and gets 3 callers including me on the button.

Do we like to raise in this spot?

with 4 players we see a 9 :s: turn (pot is 345)

Reg checks and the 2 other guys in the hand also checked, i bet 150.. In hindsight i can see this is maybe to small. what is the optimal betsize?

Reg thinks about it and calls, everybody else fold.

Headsup we see a 5 (pot is 645)

Reg checks, do we even bet? Or do we check behind,

I decides to bet 325. and we get shoved on for 900 more.

Does a good reg ever take this line as bluff to bet call this?

Optimal betsize, when u decide to bet?


  • FloydFloyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    I don't mind the flat call on flop.
    Turn bet Id like to see $290-$320
    River sizing I think a little more about $425ish on river hoping to get called by TP or OP
    When you say you are deep. How deep?
  • FloydFloyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    If V flopped a set why is he checking turn? How can expect you to bet river? I just don't beleive he has you beat here
  • chequearoundccchequearoundcc Posts: 122Subscriber
    edited July 2015
    Floyd wrote: »
    If V flopped a set why is he checking turn? How can expect you to bet river? I just don't beleive he has you beat here

    I completely agree with this.

    When a gutter hits the turn I can't imagine a set being afraid of exactly q/10 to the point where it's a check call now.

    I guess the question for me becomes does he ever have 2 pair with a 5 in his hand. I'm thinking that's a stretch.

    Does this competent reg make it $60 with 88? Would he Cbet into 3 other players with 99? Are we just left with a few combos of JJ?

    As I type this it's starting to smell like an overplayed/bluff with over pair or AKd AQd turned into a bluff.
  • KSMKSM Posts: 235Subscriber
    edited July 2015
    Flop is fine:
    Your draw isn't that strong considering the action. Someone else can easily have the nut flush draw. I'd call, and take the last two streets extremely cautiously.

    You've hit the best card in the deck. When everyone checks to you, you have to consider a couple things.
    1. What type of opponent is the original raiser reg? Is he bad enough to be cbetting this board OTF with air into this many opponents? Or does he actually have something?
    2. What type of player are the other opponents in the hand? Are they recreational? Are they spewy? Do you think they can fold the nut flush draw, or top pair if you blast away?
    Considering all these factors, you can figure out an optimal bet size. Just from reading this it sounds like I'd bet $225-250.

    Now that reg calls he probably has AJ+ here, or maybe something like AQdd-AKdd.
    He almost never has you beat. This is a bet all day, but again consider what type of player he is. If you bet largely, can he fold an overpair? Maybe he is in auto check call any sizing mode, incorrectly putting you on busted diamonds. Especially now that the 5 pairs, he may think he's good against random 2 pair combos.
    Reading this description I'd bet somewhere around 300-400 as played. If you considered a bigger bet size on the turn this could have been set up for much more as well.
    When he check shoves, I'm a little confused. We're getting like 2.75:1 on a call. It's pretty sick, but after description You'd probably have to fold. This has to be the most suicide bluff ever for V to not have you beat here. Unless he specifically knows you won't over call 88 on the flop, and is thinking that deeply.
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