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AA in BB against a laggy villan

FloydFloyd Posts: 160Subscriber
Villan in the hand likes to slowplays a lot of his big hands. Also plays Laggy. Is not afraid of bluffing and putting chips into the pot. Likes to apply a lot of pressure. Constantly trying to pick spots to squeeze, some of which he would never have a hand.
Eg. Limped round to V in SB. BB makes it $25 4 callers and V re raises to $125. Not a great spot. He can never have a great hand here. BB picked up on that and shoved for $800 all fold and showed AJo

Hero image is a TAG. Have only showed down strong hands, but haven't been getting many cards

Lets get into the hand

$485 effective with V
2/4 9 handed

2 limps one from UTG and one from V in CO
Hero raises to $20 in BB with A :s: A
Both limpers and V call

Flop 5 2 7 (64)

Hero bets $35, UTG calls, V re raises to $85, Hero calls, UTG folds

Reason: I didn't like re raising as I feel like for 1: I'd be overplaying my hand and 2: once V takes the lead he keeps firing.
What would you do on the flop?

Turn 7 (269)

Hero checks. V bets $125
Hero has $380 behind pot is (394)


  • DrGambolDrGambol Posts: 724Subscriber
    I think flop is a clear 3 bet. Villain's bluffing range is likely a lot of flush draws and straight draws. If we 3 bet, we can jam most turns. When we flat, we let our opponent realize his equity fairly cheaply and have to play a bluff catcher oop vs a wide range. Not a super happy spot.

    If he jams over our 3 flop 3 bet, I'm still calling off since there are so many combo draws and he loves to bluff per your read.

    I don't see how this is an "overplay". If stacking off an overpair is scary to you, just sit back and think about his range. The reason people say stacking off overpairs is overplaying your hand is because they are talking about situations where their opponents are tight postflop and only jamming 2 pair or better. When playing poker, you need to clear your mind from all the clutter of bad blanket advice that doesn't take your individual situation into consideration. Just think about your range and his range and try to make the best play. Adjust to the hand you're playing.
    Thanked by 2Floyd FreeLunch
  • FloydFloyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    Thanks for the reply. Some really good advice and insight.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Flop is a definite 3-Bet/GII spot, with how wet the board is. So many draws/combo-draws to get value from.

    As played, his tame is wider than just 7x, so I think you can still shove the turn. Flush draws and overpairs aren't folding, and you did indicate he's laggy and a bit crazy, so he's pretty wide.
    Thanked by 1Floyd
  • StarwarsJediMasterStarwarsJediMaster Posts: 741Subscriber
    isn't this a spot were bart says we should play a game of 5th street chicken, maybe iam wrong but that's the line ive been taking or are we just to short stacked and with the read on villain that he is a bit wild and overplays hands. Question is is this a line we only take vs certain villians ?
    Thanked by 1Floyd
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Lol at a LAG that slow plays a lot. Thats about a bad a combination as you can get and is a sure sign of a bad player. Is there a pattern there - aka bet the bad hands trap the good ones? I bet there is and you will be able to print money off this quy if you figure out his patterns.

    Pile the money in on the flop. Mostly he will fold but the times he does not consist mainly of hands where you are getting him to make a very expensive mistake which is your only goal. If for some reason he flopped a monster, then pay him off and laugh with the secure knowledge you will get ti all back over time. Better to have him make a big mistake now then let him make a smaller mistake later.
    Thanked by 1Floyd
  • FloydFloyd Posts: 160Subscriber
    Yeah I saw him a few times check sets on flop and turn. I completely agree with 3 bet on the flop. Always seems so clear after the hand lol
    Thanks again for comments. The way it played is I flat turn. River is a 3 :s: Planning on playing 5th street chicken and he fires $150. I ended up calling. He had 86 for 8 high
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