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MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
while waiting for my 1-2 table the floor guy asked if I wanted to be in the 1-2 must straddle game.

The premise is that the winner of the previous hand must straddle the next hand, and action starts to the right of the straddle.

I didn't ask what happened to chopped pots.

Interesting premis not sure a 300 cap is a good space for this..


  • the_machinethe_machine Posts: 202Subscriber
    Action starts to the right to the straddle? And works counterclockwise?

    Are the blinds still moved around the table normally?

  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    Yes the blinds move normally
  • Stovall13@hotmail.com[email protected] Posts: 798Subscriber
    This is often called a "rock" and I have played with it many times in PLO, but not HE. Aria's 2-5 and 5-10 PLO games always use a rock. They have a $10 chip or a $20 chip in a plastic chip case so it is obvious where the rock is.

    It helps generate action in PLO and is much better IMO than a button straddle or even a mandatory UTG straddle. People don't doesn't having to pay it because they just won a pot. It just takes some getting used to, and people will act out of turn regularly.

    In chopped pots the person with the worst position gets the rock typically.
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  • chequearoundccchequearoundcc Posts: 122Subscriber
    Do you mean to the right of the straddle as in the person on the straddler's left acts first.
    I've seen this done before where the rock straddle actsast preflop but the action starts UTG. Pretty much like a kill pot in NL
  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    Sorry first of all it plays normally, the winner must straddle like a kill but the action starts at the straddle.

    My concern is it has the same cap as the 1-2 no straddle.
  • derickderick Posts: 2Member

    If you are comfortable playing 2/5 then ...
    Sounds like a great way to play 1/2/4 against players who normally play 1/2.
    Players don't realize that they have more than doubled the stakes.
    You want to sit with the loosest player, who will win the most pots, 3 to your left, so you have the button the most often.

  • MrFizzbinMrFizzbin Posts: 356Subscriber
    Turns out the cap for this is 500, and the straddle is 5
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