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Donkey call on the river?

wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
Donkey call on the river? I delay cbet this guy and figure if he has a set he would’ve raised a pr preflop in his position. I figure he has a straight or nothing so I hero called him with ace high. Unusual how he played it and surprised at what he showed up with on the river.

Merge, $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 8 Players
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SB: $186.68 (93.3 bb)
BB: $507.55 (253.8 bb)
UTG+2: $200 (100 bb)
MP1: $382.15 (191.1 bb)
MP2: $166.10 (83.1 bb)
MP3: $203.92 (102 bb)
Hero (CO): $344.09 (172 bb)
BTN: $120 (60 bb)

Preflop: Hero is CO with Ah 8s
2 folds, MP2 calls $2, MP3 calls $2, Hero raises to $11, 4 folds, MP3 calls $9

Flop: ($27) 5c Js 4h (2 players)
MP3 checks, Hero checks

Turn: ($27) 4c (2 players)
MP3 checks, Hero bets $20.25, MP3 calls $20.25

River: ($67.50) 3h (2 players)
MP3 bets $50, Hero calls $50

Results: $167.50 pot ($3 rake)
Final Board: 5c Js 4h 4c 3h
MP3 showed 2d 3d and won $164.50 ($83.25 net)
Hero showed Ah 8s and lost (-$81.25 net)


  • WackabrewWackabrew Posts: 400Subscriber
    Why the large raise sizing? Isn't 5.5x a bit large for online play? I also wouldn't advocate playing A8o for a raise, even in position. I wouldn't even do this live.

    The 4c doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, so I'm not sure that I would bet it. In villian's eyes it actually widens your range a bit to include club draws, giving him the odds to continue.

    If I am in Villian's shoes, I am thinking that your range after the check on the flop and bet on the turn is shaded pretty heavily to a draw/medium PP. I imagine that he's turning his 3 into a bluff on the river as it would be a tough call for you with a hand like 66-99.

    As played, this is a fold. you beat exactly 67 and that is it. You chop with A6-A10, you lose to AJ+
  • bobo1384bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    Pre flop raise size is fine after 2 limpers, I would have cbet flop, check/fold rest of the streets.
  • UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    Your hand is too weak to bluff catch. I've been trying to fold bluff catchers that sometimes lose to what your opponents can be bluffing with
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