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Plain Stupid Spot with AK pre

JohnHashemJohnHashem Posts: 24Subscriber
5-10 ($2000) at local casino. Everyone knows everyone fairly well. My long term image in this game is a solid winning TAG who can occasionally have FPS when on large upswing. Everyone at the table knows I am on a recent downswing in PLO and I have not gotten out of line recently.

This hand gets set up with a limped pot on my straddle with a stuck-agro on the button, I squeeze, and second limper back raises. I elect to fold because the aggro on the button would surely enduce a limp raise from a big hand. The squeezer stacks the other limper with KK and I comment how I am glad the one player was on the button as it allowed me to fold. The villian in the up coming hand who is on my right comments "I think it has more to do with you being in the straddle". I comment that I would obviously never get out of line with the current line-up and that I had TT.

So, 1 lap later I am in the BB with AKo. Limp-raiser from hand 1 opens 3x, Agro now on CU calls, and the guy who made the comment completes the small blind. I raise from 30 to $175. First 2 fold, and the small-blind tanks for a while before making it $475. We both started the hand with around $2300.

He is a very solid TAG and the long term big winner in our casino. He had to wait for seat and first hand stacks someone with AA and is up.

I know that the dynamic makes this very read history/read depedant, but seriously, what are your thoughts on a very good player limp raising you from the SB after commenting that he thinks youre a big time squeezer? FWIW, I totally expect him to expect me to think his raise looks ridiculous


  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    I don't know what to make of your description of the table dynamics. Villain's line of limp-reraising doesn't make much sense to me. Is there any way he could have anticipated that you are going to squeeze again? Have you frequently squeezed before? Otherwise, he just looks so FOS.
    Are you convinced that he really thinks you are a big time squeezer?

    On the other hand, I don't really want to get in 230 BB with AK if I have no clue about his limp-reraising range. But flatcalling also sucks, since you'll have an SPR of < 2 on the flop. And reraising is difficult with such stack sizes, because you will be commited then.

    Do you have any reads about his postflop tendencies? Is he likely to cbet an A-high or king-high board with air / underpairs if you just flat?
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