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Is there too much credence given to Tourney vs. Cash player types within cash game hands?

WillWayWillWay Posts: 35Member
Hey guys-
I have heard the mention very often of tourney players being in cash game hands, and find it kind of superfluous. I do believe that in overall post-flop play/understanding of fundamental concepts that cash players are more sound, but to a player whose grasp of the game is fundamentally sound in both areas aren't we kind of leveling ourselves in single hand scenarios?
Shouldn't we always be applying solid cash game fundamentals in cash games no matter the opponent, or is there any merit to adjusting our play to player type as a primary tournament or cash player?



  • UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    Tournament players who don't also play a lot of cash, even really good ones, tend to be a little stationy with strong hands. I would advise against bluffing them off hands as weak as overpairs, even when super deep. And they'll almost never fold flushes, straights, trips, sets, etc. even when it's obvious they have bluff catchers

    They also pot control a lot more with one pair, because the concept is more important in tournaments when you're concerned with tournament life. So when they triple barrel, you should be more suspicious because they're more polarized.

    They also tend to use more brute force when they're bluffing and care a little less about what they're repping sometimes.

    And bluffing frequency goes up. They bluff more, and they also think everyone else is bluffing more than they really are.

    And they tend to bet smaller post-flop, so when they cbet small, it doesn't necessarily mean they're weak.
  • UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    Of course, all of this goes out the window for players who play both regularly. There are players who are good at both and don't play their tournament style in cash.
  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    Good points, Claire.

    Also, tournament players in general are more experienced in playing shorter stacks, while (some) cash players have more experience playing deeper stacks. This of course is an generalization as well, but it helps in some spots. As Claire said, tournament players sometimes have difficulties to release hands that are strong made hands on the flop or even preflop but are not strong hands anymore on later streets. Some of them also might 3bet too much from OOP with deep stacks, etc. Just think about different situations where deeper stacks affect the dynamics of the game.
  • UntreatableFPSUntreatableFPS Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    Oh, and also, I'm less likely to make hero folds against tournament players because they overplay. And in tournaments, I fold less than I do in cash.

    I'll give you an example of a 150BB deep hand against a tournament player
    He raised, fish in middle called, I called in position
    A T 8 cc board
    He bet, fish raised, I 3-bet flop, he snap shoved, fish shoved, I snap fold my T8
    Idiot tournament guy had AQ. No idea how he could think that could ever be good there
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