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Pocket 99 otb

kdogmckdogmc Posts: 100Subscriber
Villain is a player who can have fancy play syndrome.

He can also play very well. He has just won the bad beat
Jacjpot. Small club he won 4k

Two limpets I raise pockets 99 otb to 20

He calls in the BB. Others fold.
Flop 35Q with two diamonds
He donks 25. I call
Turn a 10. He bets 50

River a 5 . Bets 125

Is he never bluffing? Maybe missed flush draw. He still had
100 behind. He bets like half pot. Is a call here dumb. I
Feel I may be good or behind. Bet sizing is so small.


  • whatsyourplay?whatsyourplay? Posts: 752Member
    This spot is highly read dependent IMO. You need to know some tendencies to make a good decision, otherwise it's just a guessing game. I agree that his line looks pretty polarized by the river. I would think about what he wants you to do. How does he perceive you? Is it more probable that he expects a call from you, or does he expect you to mostly fold? If you somewhat narrow that down, do the opposite.
  • surfdealersurfdealer Posts: 21Member
    such a crappy spot to be in, interested what he held in this had OP, seems like this hand haunted your dreams lol

    i dont know how to handle donk bets myself really but i like "whatsyourplay's" advice

    usually when i see a donk bet they give up on the turn
  • I think this is a fairly easy fold. It is rare that you see someone fire the third bullet with a missed flush draw. It becomes an even easier fold if he is capable of betting a Queen for value here.
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