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Episode 5 "Notes and Delayed 3 Betting"

Feeback here. How does the sound compare to previous weeks?



  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    Sir Barticous,

    Audio quality was great.

    Question in relation to the podcast:

    You mentioned you're more apt to C-bet when the flop has one big card as opposed to the podcast scenario where you delayed C-bet (Flop was AKQ).

    How often are you one and done when you straight C-Bet? If you pick up equity are you more likely to take a free card or Barrel?

    Example: Say we 3 bet 67cc IP get one caller, the flop is J32 with one club, we C-bet and get called.

    The turn is the 8c. Is there more merit to Barreling to fold out 44/55/66/77/99/1010/A4/A5/AK/AQ or taking the free card?

    If we take the free card, miss and villain checks, are you apt to fire river as a bluff as villain's range is pretty capped to a hand worse than a J?


  • Mike,

    Obviously this situation depends on a lot of things. More often then not though, I am not firing second barrels in 3 bet pots unless we are super deep and I am willing to fire a third barrel AND i think my opponent is capable of folding. Those are a lot of assumptions.

    And it is very rare that I would ever check back the turn and fire the river as a bluff unless an over card to the J hit.

  • MatthewCahowMatthewCahow Posts: 5Member
    Hey Bart,
    Yeah the audio was pretty good. A lot more consistent than last week.
  • Audio was great. No echoing. Solid episode, as well.
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