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CLP Video No. 191: Examining Unconventional lines: The Turn Donk Lead

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
This month, Tuck examines unconventional lines that might make us or our opponents uncomfortable. This video specifically explores the turn donk lead.




  • chris_9090chris_9090 Posts: 101Subscriber
    Hello David , another great video of yours... some spots i would like get some insight :
    Hand 1 : On Flop 89Tr u said u prefer to cbet with KQs rather than KQo into 3 ppl. Given that it is probable that ppl will fastplay this board and c/r with their strong hands isnt it better to check back KQs rather than having to fold additional equity + implied odds facing a C/R ?

    Hand 6 : why should we ever consider donking a blank turn on a draw heavy board with a draw vs a sticky opponent ?as played by JCW on the turn are we continuing on rivered Hearts/blanks ?

    Hand 7 :(On the HU scenario,without JCW on hand) when Brandon faces a donk with KQcc on the turn you said that we dont have showdown value so we should either consider folding or shoving ? since its highly unlikely that Tony has a made boat cant we just calculate implied odds and see if we are good to call?obviously we dont have enough odds to call with 500$ but if Brandon had 750$ wouldnt be a good scenario for our draw? We call 300$ ott to win 1900$ total ....
  • DavidTuchmanDavidTuchman Posts: 791Pro
    edited May 2015
    Hey Chris...Thanks for the kind words.


    Why I generally cbet with overcards and a backdoor flush draw? My hand has some equity, but not a ton. if I get Check-raised, there's nothing wrong with folding. I mean if I get Check-raised, there's a good chance I only have 4 clean outs. In addition, If I do pick up some added equity, I can decide to check back the turn (If I don't think i'm going to get a fold) or I can bomb the turn and get my stubborn opponent to fold his marginal hand.

    I don't like checking back hands just because my opponent might check-raise me. If he has a draw, he's likely to have a pair to go along with that and he might be content to check call, thinking he has show down value. I don't advocate playing scared...I'm happy to give my opponent the opportunity to CR me. Most are too scared to unless they have a very strong hand. And against a very strong hand, KQ has very little equity.

    There are too many hands that have us beat that we can get to fold....small pairs, Ax, even some 8x

    >>>tbh, I tend to agree with you. I showed the hand to see open the discussion. Should we be donking there? what would you do if someone did donk there? ... I'd probably play that hand as a CR on the flop in that particular case.

    hand 7: In theory, yes...If i'm a little deeper, I'm fine with calling. Actually, if we're much deeper, I really like raising some villains. And even more to your point, if you have a draw and you are getting the correct odds (immediate or implied) I don't see anything wrong with just calling. You'll always get paid off if you hit and you have no fold equity if you shove the turn.

    In this particular case, it's an easy fold because Tony has minimum trips and I'm not calling the turn for that much money when I'm drawing that slim and I have to worry about reversed implied odds. (when I hit my flush and tony hits his FH)

    Thanks for commenting!

    - Tuck
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