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Flop bet fold with KK

WarmPieWarmPie Posts: 150Subscriber
edited May 2015 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Playing deep stacked 1/2 in a private game and this hand came up.
Hero has God-like image and has only been showing down winners.
Villain is the effective stack with $190 to start the hand. He is a pretty ABC TAG and is stuck about 1K. He is calling a lot more than usual the past few hours and seems to be opening up his preflop calling and opening ranges.

Double straddle to $10 and hero opens to $35 with KK in MP2 with $800 back. We get a call from the straddle, and V calls in the double straddle

Pot: $110 Flop: 7 5 A rainbow

Checks to me and I c-bet $70 for value. BB folds and V check raises all-in for $90 more.

Hero thinks and folds. Should we be paying off in this spot all the time, or is the bet/fold line acceptable on this flop?


  • maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    edited May 2015
    I think you can either checkback or bet really small, like 30-45. betting 70$ will fold out pretty much everything worse, what's your reason for betting so big?
    as played it's a really awkward spot, I would usually still fold vs ABC TAG not expecting him to call any 9x 7x or 86s pre. when I think he is tilting or gambling after losing 5 buyins I might sometimes call
    Thanked by 1SKOO
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    This is not the spot to cbet that flop.. ESPECIALLY since villain is so short.. after he check raises and its only $90 you should call because hes on tilt and can be on a draw..

    So what hand thats worse do you expect to call you there?? QQ JJ? 64.. gutshot straights?? you can get it all later in the hand..

    Can you get the player fold a worse hand?? NO .

    so I ask.. what was your intention of cbetting???

  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,063Subscriber
    Yep, this should probably be a checkback on the flop. Nothing worse is going to call, and nothing better is going to fold. A delayed c-bet is the only way to get any value at all...
    Thanked by 2WarmPie dannydeuces
  • AcidhaussAcidhauss Posts: 291Subscriber
    Check flop as played fold as i think live players ranges are so ace heavy.
    Thanked by 1dannydeuces
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