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RTR--Alternative Line w Set



  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    How about a reverse block bet of like $35 or something retarded like that?
    That just screams I got QQ-KK after the line taken and (hopefully) after he raises, has the best shot of leveling an opponent into calling off a bet-3-bet (if he has some kind of Ax)
  • daniel9861daniel9861 Posts: 207Subscriber
    Thehammah wrote: »
    daniel9861 wrote: »
    By that logic V should always turn TT and worse into a bluff because he knows Bart "can't call". Which would make betting small an even better play.

    Also true. But how often is even a good player doing that?

    Depends how good the player is and what range he puts Bart on. The point I was trying to make is that if the "good" player is ranging Bart for KK-QQ, Jx, and the reasoning behind not value raising Ax is that Bart "can't call" then either 1. He would turn TT and worse into a bluff because Bart "can't call", or 2. He's not a good player.

    However, I will say that Bart probably/should have some suited Ax in his range and not be capped to just KK-QQ. That would make bluffing a much less attractive option and therefore would make value raising Ax a less attractive option as well.
  • samangrsamangr Posts: 23Subscriber
    Pot on the river is a 185. I would go for a value bet here as I think we are quite depolarized here. Somewhere around half pot. We are looking to get called by weak aces only I believe. If we check and he bets there are no hands that he will call the c/r.
    A weak ace most likely checks back.
    Even if he bets he will bet thinly and most likely will fold to the c/r. So we might as well bet and set the price for the ace.

    I would also like to hear the reasoning we are not betting this flop. Me personally I am betting this flop almost always even HU to get called by any Ace or occasionally Jack and build the pot.

  • maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    I wonder what bart thinks how light this player will call preflop. ATs and A2-A5s is pretty speculative IMO.

    how would you play AQ bart? It's kinda tough to get three streets of value...
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Bart must have had a good read this guy would hero him if he checked flop

    I asked earlier about the oppty cost of playing the hand for a river cr and he answered it by the river cr getting $800

    That said if villain isnt as likely to bet river. Ie more of a showdown monkey then the lead lead lead line will make the most in general

    Also if villain here did in fact hit aces up on the turn the question then becomes would he have stacked off if bart had taken the lead lead lead line

    So if he doesnt hit two pair bart doesnt get paid off on the cr. BUT if he does bart stacks him if he leads? Guess its a question of frequency of villain raising turn
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