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facing a check/call/reraise on the turn with trips

kaartmankaartman Posts: 16Subscriber
I'm in a 1/3 game with about $300. V1, a female in her late 40s, is in EP with about $150 and is limping a lot preflop and likes to stick around postflop with any pairs or draws. V2 is in SB with a little over $300. He's mid-twenties and a total newbie to live play (he mentioned earlier it was only his second time playing in a casino) and so far seemed pretty straightforward (I did catch him bluffing about an hour earlier when he bet very small relative to the pot on all three streets).

Preflop: V1 calls, 1 limper, SB completes and I check in the BB with 89o. Pot is $12.

Flop: T85r. Check, check, V1 bets $5, fold, SB calls, I call. Pot is $27.

Turn: 8c bringing a back door flush draw and giving me trips. SB checks, I check, V1 bets $20, SB calls, I raise to $60 (leaving about $230 behind), V1 calls (leaving her with about $80), SB raises to $160 (leaving about $150 behind). Pot is $307, it's $100 more for me to call, and V1 is still left to act (although I was pretty confident she'd call off her remaining stack). I'm getting just over 3 to 1 and assuming V1 was going to call I'd be getting almost 4 to 1. I don't think I had any fold equity. Now what? Call? Fold? All in?

I thought I likely had V1 beat because she just always stuck around, but I thought the SB had to have at least trips because he wasn't scared of my check raise, this was by far the biggest action he'd taken in the few hours we'd played together, and he clearly committed himself to the hand. I ended up folding with my trips and weak kicker. V1 called off. V1 turned over JTo for top pair and SB turned over the exact same hand I had: 89o. Trips held up.

I'm just curious if I played this alright? I think my call on the flop and check on the turn may have been bad, and possibly the sizing of my check raise (too small?), but mostly I'm wondering if my fold was correct. Bart always says check raises on the turn are rarely bluffs, and that was definitely going through my head here. Turns out the SB's check-call-reraise wasn't a bluff, but I was somewhat surprised he was that confident in his hand after my check raise. Thanks for your thoughts.


  • MikeMike Posts: 371Member
    Try to not post results. It makes people post based on results and not correctly vs their range. If say its played fine and you have to fold the turn. The very bottom of his range is prob 78 and everything else has you beat. Just unlucky to run into the bottom of his rage and see it.
  • kaartmankaartman Posts: 16Subscriber
    Yeah you're right re: not posting results. Thanks.
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