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Official Statement on Limon's Departure

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,143Administrator, LeadPro
Abe "Limon" has made statements recently on social media and Twitch regarding the severing of the relationship with CrushLivePoker.com. I'd like to clarify a few important points here.

CrushLivePoker.com has not and does not object to Limon using his "The Limon Show" podcasts elsewhere, should he so choose to do so. This was communicated to Limon the first time he requested that the podcasts be removed from CLP, earlier this week.

Notwithstanding Limon's ability to use the podcasts, CrushLivePoker.com will continue to display and distribute the "The Limon Show" on the CrushLivePoker.com site since the podcasts were created for CrushLivePoker.com and compensation was provided for their creation.

Significant production and promotional work for "The Limon Show" was done by CrushLivePoker.com to edit, produce, and disseminate the "The Limon Show". This includes training, assistance, hardware, marketing, promotion, and infrastructure on the website for the live broadcasts.

Over the past year, we have added an immense amount of content and value to CrushLivePoker.com. We will continue to work hard to enhance the content and site on an on-going basis.

We wish Limon continued success in his future endeavors.

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