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Hands from a Cash Game Vol II

Official discussion of episode 2.
Post questions / comments here and be sure to include details of specific hands.


  • garagamastergaragamaster Posts: 38Member
    Hey Bart,
    Just listened to Hands from a Cash Game Vol II, and there's this hand I wanna talk about.
    You have AJdd on the big blind and the nittiest player on the table opens up UTG to $30 and receives 6 calls. You call, what I think is pretty fine, but I would really consider squeezing this (squeeze/folding to the original raiser) because if he has us dominated and we hit, we are going to lose post flop at least one bet.
    Anyway, you call and the flop comes AKx rainbow I guess. And you check. I was thinking, wouldn't it be really nice to just lead 40%? To protect your equity vs all the broadways/pairs/weaker aces? Cuz you know, what's your plan to the hand? If the PFR leads out, we're basically always folding, unlesse he makes like a stupid $40 c-bet or something – and probably that's what he would do if he had a set or top two anyway, if I know how nits play sets and top two. And if he checks, we're giving a free cards to a dozen hands that can beat ours, and we'll bet fold the turn for basically the amount we would lose if we bet fold the flop.
    Sorry if I got you a little confused in my thought of process. Hope you get it.
  • Hey Pedro,

    I think that your plan of leading is viable especially vs opponents that aren't going to bluff raise you.

    My thinking in this hand, however, was to kind of see what happened in front of me. I'm sure you agree that AJ could really be the equivalent of A2 here and I can get a lot of information without putting money in the pot and seeing how the flop develops. You do make a valid point about giving out a free card however.

  • garagamastergaragamaster Posts: 38Member
    I actually expect to get looked up by worse quite often. Almost nobody's folding an Ace to a single bet. The plan is basically to donk bet/fold and proceed the later streets according to the villain(s). On getting bluffed, I basically disconsider getting bluffraied in these MW pots. Do you think it could happen frequently enough?
  • I just think that in these spots where the flop should hit the preflop raisers range pretty well I usually check to disguise the strength of my hand.

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