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Coming to LA for poker - Advice?

Hi all,
I am an Aussie cash game player looking at coming to LA for a few months primarily to play poker. I am looking for advice on which casinos are the best, at the moment I am thinking of playing mostly at The Bike and Commerce.
Also looking for local knowledge on what is the best way to organise accommodation, good neighbourhoods to stay in with getting to/from casino in mind (also love the beach so any neighbourhoods with beach close are appealing), what I should expect to pay for rent (either share accommodation or 1/2 bedroom apartment type of deal) etc.
I believe I can legally stay for 3 months before I need to leave the country and can then return again for another 3 months. Any advice on this area is useful too.
Thanks in advance all and if you are in LA I hope to see you at the tables real soon


  • JT00JT00 Posts: 193Subscriber

    I haven't lived in LA in 4 years, so there are many more people here who can offer more qualified responses, but I'll give you my take on living in LA.

    1. You are going to need to have a car. Period. End of story. The only way you are going to be able to get to and from the casino while living in a decent area is with a car. Any place in LA worth living is going to be about a 30min drive from the casino due to the LA traffic.

    2. If you're going to LA for a great life experience in addition to poker, you are not going to want to live nearby any of the LA casinos. They are all in relatively shitty neighborhoods. If you want to be by the beach, IMO you should be looking somewhere in the South Bay. Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach are beautiful and great places to live; however, they can be VERY expensive. Redondo Beach is a bit more affordable and also right by the beach (this is where I lived when I was in the LA area). Torrance is cheaper and a bit farther away from the beach, but it can be nice if you find a good part of town.

    3. You should expect to pay around $1,000/month to share an apartment give or take depending on where you decide to live. You can find some nice places to live for less than that, but you can also find some dumps that will charge you more. You just have to look around for a good deal in a nice area.

    To all the LA natives, please don't flame me too hard on my advice. This is just my take on when I lived in LA 4 years ago.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    I live in LA and at the beach and I agree with what you have said. LA is just too big and the casinos are not in places where you can walk to in general.

    Besides there is just too much to do other than play poker all day to not have some wheels. If you stay for a month you can rent a car for about the same as it costs for a week. torrance or redondo beach are good ideas to stay close to the beach for a lesser amount. I would check airbnb to see if there are rooms to rent..

    from that area it would take you approx these times to get to the casinos in LA

    Hustler : 15 min or less anytime
    Bike : 25-1hr depending on traffic
    Commerce 30-1 hr depending on traffic
    Hollywood park 15-30 depending on traffic
    Hawaiian Gardens 35-1 hr depending on traffic

    So as far as rents.. I live in Hermosa Beach and to rent a room in a place like mine would be about $1500 a month.. You could find a smaller place for less and I agree with JT that torrance or redondo would be in the $1000 mo range.. this is to share ..

    Another option is an extended stay hotel. I know there is one in torrance and if the price is similar I like that as an option because quite frankly you have your privacy..

    anyways let us know when you get here.. I always love meeting new subscribers..

    hammah :-)
  • geemillargeemillar Posts: 2Subscriber
    @JT00 and Hammah.... Thanks for the tips...Hammah, will definitely let you know when I'm on the way will be great to have some fellow CLP subscribers to hook up with
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